Bounty Harbor screwed up?

Does anybody know why Bounty Harbor is now taking up to 6 hours to give crappy rewards?


I’m pretty sure it’s always taken 6 hours for lousy rewards.


It’s normal (6h) but I would like to see better rewards. Just so you know this has been discussed before, so check: Collecting from Bounty Harbor

Very normal for 6 hour intervals

I got 60 rubies a few days ago… and then 6 death gazes, and then 30 rubies plus 3 xp pots at same time… sorry but sounds like bad luck is all… and yeah 6 hours is the interval.

1.I dont complain about freebies.


In general, the rewards are bad. There is a very small chance of getting a decent prize, but I don’t know what the variables are. So, I cannot give drop rates.

If like battle drops, you have about a 1/300 chance of getting something from the good category and a 7/300 chance of getting something from the “not terrible” category…

But also… It’s free. What do you expect?

Recently I have been getting slightly better stuff (ie 100 rubies) but I guess I’m just getting luckier as other people aren’t getting better stuff

100? Really? I don’t remember getting any more than 16 or so.


I’ve gotten 100 once or twice.

Well FML



Only once lol I thought it was a glitch at first!

My Bounty Harbor is still level 1, I guess that’s why I don’t get good rewards from it. My Rune Vault is also level 1 so my Silver Chests don’t drop any useable amounts of dust.

What level base do I need to level those buildings up?

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Should be level 256 to underflow rewards from close to zero to the infinity category according to standard gaming theory :eyes:


Too bad it stops at 255.

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