Bounty Harbor Timer Broken?

Took a quick peek in forums, unless I missed it, didn’t see anything on my issue.

Was in game mid afternoon today, did my collections and egg token runs, logged off. Returned early evening, go to claim bounty harbor only to be greeted with a 2 hour timer on it.

Closed the game, got back on, no change, still 2 hours. Anyone else experiencing this?

So it was stuck at 2 hours left, even though enough time had passed that it should have been less than 2 hours?

Edit: Mine is currently showing 2 hours, but the last time I claimed it was about 4 hours ago. I’ll try to remember to give an update if it stays stuck at 2 hours.

@LizDrakemoor yes from last login to when I noticed the issue enough time had passed that it should have allowed a bounty harbor collection.

Just logged back into game, just over 3 hours since the issue was observed. Made a bounty harbor collection, now the time is at 6 hours until next collection.

Checked Google play for an update, none there. As well as no in game notice to update.

6 hr is normal bounty harbor timer. You’re good it sounds like

Yep, 6 hours is normal. There are already other theads asking about this issue. Apparently newer players get a faster reset. My bounty harbor was able to be collected from after the 2 hours left on the clock were up.

I’ve been playing this game for nearly 3 months now. The time between bounty harbor collections has always been 10 minutes.

Reached level 41 today, no notice for a change in time between collections. Is there a certain level that the time changes? Or do we in fact have a problem with the timer?

Whatever the lvl limit is, you just hit it. So yeah welcome to 6 hours. Don’t worry bounty harbor rewards are poopy butt

10 minutes :joy: that would be great

Alright now that the Gauntlet event is over, logged in late yesterday evening. Made a bounty harbor collection, timer went back to 10 minutes. Logged on this morning, did bounty harbor collection, timer at 10 minutes. Did egg token runs, another harbor collection, 10 minute timer.

So what is the true countdown timer between collections? Do certain events affect the timer? Is there a level limit where the timer may change?

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