Bounty Harbour Month Multiplier

I’d like to suggest adding a counter for months in the bounty harbour. It will be used to multiply the current daily prizes.

In this way, in the folowing example, during the daily check-in, player on the fist month, day 2, with no elite account, will earn 2x Food Packs. if the same player was in the fourth month, day 2, with no elite account, he will earn (2x Food Packs) x 4 (number of months in a row checking-in)!

The number of months in a row that the player is achieving could be displayed in a text box on the right top of the page. More, after each month in a row, player could have one cumulative day to lost without loose his overall anual progress.

At the end of a season or a year, player could earn a special pre-announced award like a mythical rune or something like that!



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