Bowhunters Sapphire Team Looking for Applicants

Howdy all, we’re looking for two recruits that want to join our family. We’re currently in Sapphire 2 atm and have two slots available at the moment.

Team name is Bowhunters. We’re a pretty chill and friendly bunch, but we’re competitive too. All we’re looking for are applicants that are willing to comply with officers and coordinate w/ the team during events/wars.

We have members from all over the world, in different time zones, so we’re a pretty happy and tolerant bunch.

Standard stuff for war dragons teams: don’t miss a war. If you’ve got something coming up in the future, we’ll plop you in the alt team for a bit.

Try to participate in events or just participate in general. We’ll give you a talking to if we see somethings up. We know real life comes into play so just try to be understanding with us and we’ll be understanding with you.

PM me or one of the officers ingame if you’re down. Let us know something about you and your playstyle. Don’t just hop in and say hey I wanna be part of this team or something o.o

Let me know if anythings unclear, but otherwise we’re looking forward to having you.


Filled the two slots for now. Thanks to those that applied!


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We currently have a few potential slots at the moment. Please message me or one of the officers if you are interested.

Look forward to seeing some new faces in the Bowhunters family!


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