Boycott...It's time. Let's make our voices heard


…that’s what we have been saying about subleague prizing, lol. For a year.


I know. Was just spelling things out for others. We’ve talked many times. So, I was agreeing with you, but trying to clarify for some of the newer players. :heart: :+1:


That’s all well and good in principle, but it should NOT lead to lower team prizes. Platinum 4 for example should get the current platinum team prize, and it should get better with each subsequent promotion.


But then we’ll all quit, because free stuff… :man_shrugging:t3:


Well if done correctly P4 would be fine… there and up are where it should start to have significant increases all the way up to D1… team prizes are a joke as they are.

D1 top prize is 6 days of timers for example. time between building events is 4 weeks. so less than a month of timers are the max that you can get from team prizes in D1… a league where a single tower level costs more than that lol

oh they also get what is equivalent to 1 days collection in eggs lol To put this in perspective you would need to place 1st in D1 for over 2 years straight in order to get a dragon from team prizes alone…

So where is the motivation to do well in events as a team. personal points are all that matters.


I love that quote!


Honstely I don’t think they should stop at rescaling prizes between one (sub)league vs the other (sub)league (what @TheRedDelilah proposed) but should also do a heavier scaling inside leagues too.

Often there is a huge difference between a #15 ranked team and a #6 ranked team but they really get almost the exact same team prizes.

You lose a few tiny ranking points? Slap a low ranked team for a day or two and even it out.

So where is the point in fighting for top prizes? The #1 and #2 spots are basically reserved for the very top teams, and the rest really doesn’t make a difference.


I agree. Every spot should matter and the differences should be huge.

Ofc, to me, this means substantially increasing what is offered to the top D1 team as their event prize and then scaling down. And I think the bottom D1 team should get more than the top D2 team, otherwise, what is the motivation to move up?

Notice… Scale **UP.(( Prizes need to be vastly increased so they can scale the whole thing without penalizing newer players. Team prizes in Platinum and lower are already abysmal. They cannot make them worse and have the desired effect.


Scaling up, what I see:
Absolutely fair since PG took away a lot of rewards from the game when they slimmed down the leagues, many teams dropped into lower leagues with less rewards, PG overall forcing more spending to keep up. Competition became tougher but there was also less space in leagues.

Scaling up, what PG sees:
They won’t be willing to give without taking. If anything, there will be a few teams that profit and a lot that will suffer from their greed.


I am losing interest in this game and hardly play anymore. Thats kinda like a boycott…


I think people were hoping for more pitchforks and moltov cocktails…


Sooooooo, I just have to share this

And now I need to share this

I am extremely happy with my gameplay in Atlas and because it’s so fun it has made up a little for the fact that I got screwed for two years but it doesn’t change the fact that the 300 wall is a game killer. I just finished the event and collected all the regular rewards and barely went up one lvl.
That’s right.
Yesterday I was a 306 and today I’m a 307.
All that lumber spent all those timers gone and I’m one lvl higher and one lvl closer.
Tell me this isn’t stupid @PGJared.
I still haven’t spent and the withdrawals from atlas elite are going to suck but it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t progress in this game anymore.
@SavageAFforPG can share his with you again if you’ve forgotten.
@PGEggToken Can’t believe you made me wait this long for Atlas but I’m still very glad it hasn’t crashed on me so good job there :+1:t3:



I doubt Jared wants me to repost anything… But, if it’ll help.


Nowhere near any garnet, emerald, sapphire wall…and don’t have Atlas either. What this spells out to me is that people want to feel like they’re making progress when they’re playing…and if you don’t progress even when you reach the highest reward tiers…then it makes all the effort pointless (even if others are in the same boat).


Fixed it :joy:


I have to ask…So, now that you are on Dreadnought, how is the boycott working out for ya? :wink:


I still want to improve the game. For me, for you, for everyone…it doesn’t really matter what team I’m on.

It’s apparent that my attempt did nothing. Not even elicit a response from PG.

On to plan B.


I dont think they make a morning after spending pill for WD…


They do. Xanax.


that doesn’t make the problem go away… forgetting isn’t fixing.