Boycotting Whole of the Next Season

Am I the only one? facing many problems in the events since KW arrived!

I decided not to play for a season or more seasons until this, lagging and crashing will be fixed

Not only me, many players whom I know are decided " not to play " next season, they too facing many problems, such as lagging, network problem (delay) in wars and normal attacks

Coming to events, We can’t even do any battles, how come we get all the prizes that we need to level up and give our best to team.

Since the KW event is started, this is becoming a lot (Although every player is happy, bcoz PG sent apology gift, but some still worry about the future events

If this problem still continues, you (PG) will face a large amount of players deleting the game and it’s a huge loss for the developers!

So I suggest PG to fix these problems as soon as possible!

By the way if we send a support ticket, the answer mostly comes " uninstall and reinstall the game " But we do face the same problems even though we follow your steps.

I’m asking Why? this is for every player who is facing problems in the game.

And Next Atlas, In events, we do well and want to claim the prizes in those particular events,

After claiming 3-4 prizes, I’ll see the thing in the screenshot

I question @PGGalileo @PGWwade why this problem is occurring these many times?

Sorry for this long thread, but this is the truth everyone don’t want to say bcoz of some problems and I’m not the one who fear for problems!

Thank you! Hope PG will do their best to fix these before upcoming seasons!

Causing boycott is against ToS
You might get a forum ban for it


Let them ban me, how many people they’ll ban? but until this problems get fixed, more threads will come like this!

Don’t worry I may not be alone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really have no problems with the game it runs pretty smooth other than the casual big battle lag


Same thing don’t experience every player! :slightly_smiling_face:

Earlier that same pop up happened but only was 1 time then it was gone for me
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At the first time it popped up, and I left it like that and restarted it gone, but now it became very frequent, I experienced a lot of times

And I hope you read the whole part, not the one you are talking about!

You’re wanting to boycott because of kingdom wars, which has publicly been confirmed to now be a dead event that won’t come back?

Not only that, you’re wanting to put your game incredibly far behind by not playing for a whole season, potentially multiple?

This is not thought out. What are you hoping to achieve? If you aren’t playing at all, how are you supposed to know that issues are fixed? Boycotts are usually about not paying, not playing. If you want to show disapproval by not playing, then just quit the game. Not playing will just hurt your team and your own game.


Using the forums to organize a boycott is against the TOS. If you’d like to come up with some helpful suggestions for how to improve, feel free to start a new thread, but complaining gets you nowhere.

Please check out the Code of Conduct for more information.