Brainstorming on Updates that will like to see


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Would be cool to see more Vegan Dragons like Chunk
A Way to attack your own base for practice purposes
A way to earn more breeding tokens
Chat in defense
Option to see all the items in one place you have like potions, energy, mystic fragments, inner fire etc…
Some ideas that I think will make the game even better than it already is.


Wish they make divine Chunk (like Kinnara and Merk)


How about the bases we attack in the attack log?

Also, it would be nice if my attack log would show all of the attacks I receive in a day instead of overriding the previous one.


I’d like to see a universal evolution stones set / series to be used on any dragon (I.e. universal sapphire). This would allow players to correct mistakes and revitalize dragons they could no longer use. It could be brought in as a special tier line and even cost more than a standard stone, it’s a universal stone for any dragon. Maybe one set per account or something, or as many as someone wants to pay for. This is just a thought we kicked around our team and it had a favorable outcome.


Guess they can start one.
One entire branch for each tier, using special sigil (probably 28k, as another sigil branch)
while the sigil can only be obtained in special $100 Value pack with 25 sigils each pack…

tl;dr no please…


Did this just turn into a place to bring up universal stones without the thread getting shut down? Lmao


“Welcome to the froums!” :joy:

Universal stones (whatever the name you give it) have been discussed a lot and brought up countless times, and officially rejected by PG. Seasonal dragons are meant to be claimed during their seasons, partially or in whole, not after. You have to learn from your mistakes in this game, not try to right them.

Tl;dr : @zillios1 You’d better forget this idea of universal stone if you don’t want this thread to be prematurely closed :wink:


Please use the search function before you make posts like this, and do not stray from the optic the OP has brought up.


It’s been said before but I would love it if runes and glyphs were displayed alphabetically. Multiple ones of the same type could be grouped with the number of occurrences displayed with the number sitting on top.


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