Brand new feeder team to platinum, Redemption2All now taking applications

This will be a feeder team for our Platinum team, Redemption4All.

This team will be led by me, ChargerRT1969, currently an officer and level 102 in our main team.

Level requirements are minimum 10

We ask for a “Very Active” Status. This means participate and help us out in all our wars and unselfishly helping us blow up bases.

There will be two of us as officers at first to help with our dragons. We will get you through the ranks and levels quickly while you learn how to fly the different dragons available.

To be promoted to our main, we are looking at 3 criteria:
1-Very Active, participate in all wars and events
2-Base Level
3-Dragon Levels

We then will talk to possible ones to promote and IF they want to go to main they will do so.

We are English speaking. As for your age, any taken. My daughter is on the team. We are a fun wholesome bunch (most of the time)




Yes we will begin like all others in Bronze 1, but because of our core we will move up every week.

Join our academy team and learn to play this game and have fun! Have a future!

What are you waiting for?

Our core has been installed, I call the " Dirty Dozen"!

Join a platinum team today even though you are new.

THIS feeder team will teach you so much that your enjoyment is guaranteed!

Today starts a new season!

We have over a half dozen wars scheduled already.

Today will be fun!

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