Brand new team ready to fly

Talons0fMayheM is a new team looking for active members of any
lvl tht want to learn and grow

We r gold 1 with atlas access and r a pirate team

With a 5ta

Glory swapping partners r available and we be located for each player

Experienced players with friends tht will be happy to help and we can answer questions plus we r happy to teach any player about the game

Troops must always be building up and wars and events r mandatory

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How do you guys do in events. Is youre teams more loosy goosy type of thing? Or a stick up the ass strict type of thing? Are you guys talkative or is TC more or less have rolling tumbleweeds? What makes your teams better thing billy bob Joe’s team?

By adding stuff like that it allows people to know more about you and what your team stands for. Meaning that you might get a few more bites then normal.
Think of the “LFM” or “LFT” as a job interview type of thing. The more you know about the job/the more the job knows about your work efforts the better…in most cases.


We r somewhere in between of relaxed and strict as we r just starting out and we want to push everyone to be there best. We try to talk but with the few members we have it’s fairly quiet but @ notifications r on.