BREADNOUGHT is looking for team members!

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You know that you need to get to sapphire for atlas right?


If I remember correctly the requirement used to be Platinum. Perhaps he’s only read the old info.

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Platinum rollout was 2 years ago and only for a very short time, then they got rid of it. All the time before and after it was S and D only. But it’s in human’s nature, we tend to keep in memory the brightest information that benefits us better and forget the one that is not as appealing :smile:

Um there are platinum teams without atlas. So if this was correct, they should be having atlas. So Sapphire it is then.

Don’t see it, but okay. :man_shrugging:t2:



You’re completely missing what I’m saying. The requirement USED TO BE Platinum. Afterward when they changed it to Sapphire, the teams that already had it got to keep it.

Any team that has gotten Atlas and is no longer in Sapphire+ gets to keep Atlas.

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What happened to the old BREADNOUGHT in gold?
Just want to say good luck, but I don’t think you’re going to succeed.

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Im confused now have 2 Breadnoughts :thinking:

One has a “0” and one has an “O”.

That’s pretty contradictive. :joy::joy:

Someone should form BREADKNOT so at least one team can be spelled properly.


Or possibly GARLICKNOT

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We are accepting alts if anyone has a homeless alt that needs a home you can use us at least for the time being