Break-down of Atlas infrastructure costs by level?

I have been searching and reading about atlas bonuses and infrastructure all over the place, so if I have somehow missed this one tidbit I haven’t been able to find, I truly apologize (maybe I have been putting in the wrong search terms)? :sweat_smile:

I am trying to find out how much gold it costs for each upgrade of an infrastructure building in Atlas, from 1-12. For examle, it costs 18.9m gold to upgrade a bank from level 3 to 4, and 21.5m gold to upgrade a bank from 4 to 5 (at least on level 2 land, not sure if land level matters). How much from 5 to 6, 6 to 7, etc? :thinking: Is there a way to see this cost progression in-game?

Only when you get there - I started getting lazy/forgetting with tracking. It gets expensive.

Level Upgrades, gold to level to level Time to level to level
1 13,047,022 7
2 14,769,230 8.4
3 16,718,768 10.1
4 18,925,645 12d 2h 18m
5 21,423,831 14d 12h 21m
6 24,251,776 17.4d
7 27.4MM 20d 21h 38m
8 31MM 25.1d
9 35.1MM 30.1d
10 39.8MM 36.1d

Edit: added more ^

Also, infrastructure level caps for HQ, Fort, and Refinery, as Banks and Towers are uncapped (L12).

Land Quality Infrastructure Cap
2 3
3 6
4 9
5 12

Ah okay thank you! I was convinced there was a button for it that was just tinier than the “i” info buttons. :see_no_evil:

Those are just for infrastructure bonuses :frowning: , but they end up so far away later on that it doesn’t mean much anymore - would be nice for infrastructure costs and upgrade times.

@PGEggToken Can you poke the Atlas team about adding Infrastructure Costs (gold and time) and Level Caps to the info panel of the castle (or elsewhere in-game)?

Sure thing, I’ve put in the request.

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