Breaking Delay shield and attack anyway?

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I have seen that quite a few times now but don’t Know how it works. Usually when I attempt to get to an enemy base having a shield it will tell me that I will be delayed for 4 hours or so. So that would mean I also can’t attack for this delayed period, right? But I have seen people walking into a base having the shield up and attack anyways, although they should have been delayed, shouldn’t they?
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No delay from attacking, just stops prime from leaving


You’re talking about the red ring around castles, yes? That is a blockade, not a shield. As Gox said it prevents movement but not attacks. True shields look like a purple dome

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Thanks Gox. But what I have also seen is that the shield at some point disappears (when many people were attacking)…? How can it be broken?

Thanks Shimo.
So the ring is just a trap. And the shield does what? No attacking possible? And how can it be created? Just by being attacked and loosing some 70k troops or what?

The purple sparkle shield also shows up during PvP events, so that people can focus on that. It may also show up during minor events that show up off schedule like feeding.

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The purple/pink bubble prevents the garrison and the stationed Primarchs from being attacked. Those shields come up during pvp events in normal game or when an attacking team killed enough troops to trigger the shield.

Officers and governors can actively deactivate those shields, if enemies are parking at your garrison to attack them .


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Shields prevent any attacks from taking place at that castle. So if an enemy is at your castle and shield is up they can’t attack you and you can’t attack them either. Event shields can be enabled again right away after you pull them down but shields triggered by troop loss can’t be put back up and have a cooldown before they can be triggered by troop loss again. Both types stop blockades from functioning

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Great - thanks for your explanations!

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