Breaking down buildings

Can you guys consider an option to get rid of unwanted buildings that give you a portion of lumber and or speed ups back that were spent on them? Rather then storing endless amount of unwanted pieces. The game is like a learning curve when you start out and would nice to get back even a 1/3 of the lumber originally spent to build and level. Just an idea


That’s such a great and original idea. It’s just so obvious it’s a miracle no one has thought of this before!


Just don’t be jealous when they turn on the “poop out lumber pack” switch on April 4th and you didn’t get him.


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Wrong thread but yes I’m hoping for an easter egg… :joy:

How the heck did I do that? I swear I replied to the cheap one.


What about the exp?

Sorry i would not be in favor of this.

I would more be in favor of Mike’s idea of being able to convert tower abilities :slight_smile:

If I get my lumber pack pooping idea I will forever be grateful.


Gonna hold you to that.


Search the forums next time… MANY threads about this idea that you can add your 2 cents to.

This is original and we should do it!

I prefer something like :Destroy a tower and lose 50% experience that tower will give you at that level (from lv0 to those lv,50% of his total exp) In short, destroy towers to go down in level.
For example ,a tower from Lv 1 to Lv 30 give us a total of 100k exp. If we destroy it (at lv30), we will lose 50k exp.
This option can only be made with rubies @PGCoffee @PGJared

I dont know how should I feel if i see some one level 1 attack me with a garnet dragon :rofl:
let say the uncap level for storage upgrade to level 2 is level 90, i upgrade my maze to level 3 which help me to level 90 then I finish upgrade the storage. Now i destroy my maze, will it tell me to destroy my storage first? And you know, storage and builder is quite a hand in hand building, that say storage is relevant to all other construction. Do all of them need to go down too?
If not, I can see a base with level 60 towers while the player level 150 (maybe)

I am so glad these keep popping up. Ur stuck with what ya built. Live and learn

Yeah, this just isn’t a good idea. Try again!

Nah… if you destroy a tower you loose all xp for it… BUT… they will never do this… cause then a person might drop down with saphire dragons to rule the golden league… they don’t want to make tyrants… now… if they removed xp and made dragons only available with a certain xp banned until you reached that xp again… maybe… but that’s odd… and we have enough glitches as it were…

The only way to destroy a building easily would be Ruby cost… works good for there business model and works good for us…

They could add the cumulative xp earned to the next level up requirement.

E.g., destroy a tower worth 300k xp and then the next level is increased by 300k. The player level would not change and prevent issues with dragons or towers.

This is better specifically… but we’re still in a duplicate thread…

“Life doesn’t come with an ‘undo’ button.”

G, the wise.

So if I build a level 1 archer (which can speed up for free) and use 100 wood then i destroy it, I lost nothing but gain some event point. you might say cumulative event point too. I feel like rewrite the whole game here
They wont do it, the wave of glitch will kill the game as everyone rage and leave