Breathing new life into Runes/Glyphs



I’ve often heard people discussing their desire for changes, or new runes/glyphs to be implemented. So I would like to put forth a few suggestions to add a powerful strategic element to the game. It should be noted that many of these I propose should be implemented at the mystic tier of runes/glyphs.
-Increase the rage cost of the spell by 1, the spell(specific to the rune/glyph) becomes white
-Increase the affected area by Heated breath(and their variants)
-Increase the number of consecutive blasts(for explosive shield for example) by 1
-Reduce the rage cost of (spell specific rune/glyph) by 1
-Reduce the cooldown of X spell by Y seconds
-Cure poison releases a poison cloud in the area around the dragon
-As long as the summon(excluding invincible summons) is alive the dragon cannot be damaged
-Battle Cry increases health as well as attack damage
-While rejuvenating you take X reduced damage
-Nova can be used an additional time
-Self Destruct now costs 50% hp and becomes unusable, but your dragon survives
-Fireball launches 2 additional blasts in a line from the initial impact location
-Chain lightning can now bounce to the same target more than once
-Rejuvenate now heals instantly
Just a few examples that could make the choice of runes/glyphs far more compelling than just adding rage generation on every dragon you have.

The basic take away point is that I think mythic runes/glyphs should alter the spells in unique ways that make the choice compelling and strategic. Also for many of the ones that have extremely powerful abilities, during the leveling process I would suggest that they only be unlocked once reaching their final evolution, with the secondary property being the one that scales. Making the investment of rune dust very powerful as it reaches its final form. Runes/Glyphs are a gold mine for being able to implement extensive creative ways of not only making the dragons more fun, and strategic ways, but also change the abilities of the dragon to specifically suit the play style of the player.

Another thing I would like input on is the possibility of seasonal mythics. At the end of their line there is 2 sets of chest that are wildly more expensive than any gold chest in the rest of the lines. It is my hope that PG might replace these with runes specific to the mythic dragon of the season, especially since often their spell kin includes unique abilities that are completely outside the existing scope of spells and runes available.

  • We need more runes
  • Runes need to be more distinct and unique
  • Runes are fine as is
  • Why is this thread popping up again???

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this rune currently exists iirc. :slight_smile:

nice ideas though


Thanks for posting @Recramorcen, Some interesting ideas here!


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