Breeding advice wanted for getting through Platinum tier

Hey forum friends. I was hoping I could get some breeding advice on this fine Thursday. Here’s what I’ve got going on.

I’m level 97 with 100k egg tokens. I’m following Red’s Best breeding path. As a general personal rule, I only breed during breeding events to get maximum event points for seasonal dragons. And, according to a general pattern I’ve noticed, breeding occurs about every month/every twenty-eight days. Assuming that breeding is the next event, here’s my current plan:

I have Jagra and Kulan at the moment, both at level 4. But to breed them together for Rizar and Kaiju, I need to be level 102. I know for certain I don’t have enough speedups to speed-level my way to level 102 right now, because I just spent most of them last fortification to get from 91 to 97 (plus I don’t usually level outside of fortif events). That means I’ll be waiting until NEXT fort after this breeding to level, and then the NEXT breeding event (a month from now) I’ll breed for Rizar and Kaiju.

And then Rizar and Kaiju will take a bit of time to level… at lvl102, my max XP will be base 15,452 per run plus Elite. It’ll take thirty days to get both these dragons to breeding level (according to this spreadsheet) assuming I do runs only using the daily multis and solo a base for my max XP each run.

So, the month after that (I’ll have gotten to lvl108 by then), I’ll breed THOSE two with Pandi and Munin to get Cerbero and Nosfer and breed THEM together for Vulcan and Kelvin during the same event.
V & K are plat legendaries, and I don’t even want to think about how many runs/how much time it’ll take to level those. Being optimistic, it’ll take me at least another month.

That’s four months just to get through platinum and into sapphire—steps 27-30 on Red’s Best Breeding Path. I feel like that’s a long time considering I’ve had a decently easy time getting through the previous tiers. Been playing for nine-ish months. Also, this all isn’t taking into account the fact that I intend to speed up incubation immediately on all of these eggs.

So my question is: is there ANY way to go faster through this? You know, besides pulling money that I don’t have out of my ass, lol… How’d you guys get through Platinum?

Thanks everyone. :t_rex:

The XP requirement for dragons at that level range is a bummer and takes a while to grind through.

I spent more time going through platinum grinding (i expert every dragon while i’m still in the tier) then i did with any other tier for dragons, and i think i’ve taken the same amount of physical time to get through the tiers months wise. I’ve just had to step up my game token wise to get the dragons in sapphire+.

I’m not sure if there is a fast track though

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Yeah, that part of the climb just sucks. I looked at alternatives when I was there, and I didn’t find much in the way of optimizations available beyond what’s already on Red’s guide. Maybe someone else will chime in with something I missed, but unfortunately, I think you’re doing about as well as you can.

My personal solution was idiosyncratic. (Open a ton of gold chests circa 84 to take advantage of Aibrean’s discount, get 400d+ of timers, gain 20 levels to 104 in the next fort, then in the next breeding event, finish off the incubator/castle that I started building at the end of fort, hatch Mune, breed and flash-cook Jagra and Kulan at the start of the event, then do a truly stupid number of runs to get them breedable by the last day, whereupon I hatched Rizar and Kaiju.(Breeding event takes another 100 days of speedups.)) :man_shrugging: This is all deeply unhelpful for you, I realize. You have to see the leveling constraint coming long in advance and plan around it, for it to not take forever.

Possible silver linings:
1.) After 108, leveling constraints get much more reasonable. (Just get 126 in the fort after your first sapphire breed.)
2.) The extra month of relatively light token demands will give you a bigger hoard to throw at the sapphire wall. If you’re using Red’s Icicle 1 path, be aware of the junctures where you can potentially save a month of time, if you have a massive hoard. (Sekh/Scorch can obviously be bred in parallel, and that’s probably enough for sane-moderately insane hoarders. Scrooge McDuck-tier hoarders can start throwing tokens at Anapa on their climb toward Hau.)


@mechengg @Vorpal Thanks very much guys :smile: I can’t believe I sorta UNDERleveled, when back in the level 70s I was worried about overleveling, lol. I guess I judged my pace wrong, not to mention that in the last month or two I’ve not had as much time/motivation to play as I used to. :t_rex:

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… if hau is your goal, anapa should not be the dragon you’re throwing tokens at :thinking:

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I totally agree with @Vorpal and @mechengg. My main account is 171 now, but going through the 84-108 realm sucked as far as xp to level the gold and the platinum dragons. Once I hit Sapphire I was grinding egg tokens galore to get enough. I have been doing at least 2 dragons per breed, and using 300k tokens a month. But it is much easier to level the sapphire (leveled them around 134) and then garnet (leveled them during breeding around 154).

All I can say is save rubies for speedups as long as you have enough breeding tokens for sapphire.

This account I just got to level 84 this past fort event. Not looking forward to grinding through platinum, but it is what it is.

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The advice about not overleveling only starts to become relevant at 108 / sapphire, I think. I built as fast as I could (10-20 levels per fort since 43 or so) and have never been ahead of my breeding for more than 2 weeks. I think new players should try to get to 84 as soon as possible.

Even past then, it’s more a matter of pacing. I’m slowing down now because I want the 450 sigil prize in future fort events, and I also don’t want to run out of tower levels on my core towers before I have sapphire builder hut eggs; that’s the main constraint. Matchmaking isn’t an issue since you can raid mid-200s after the level 84 upgrade.

There are two low-dependency lines at the start of Icicle 1, one going sekh/scorch->iteru->hau->frost, one going anapa->(sekhem) apo. The indicated breaks are hard stops because I’m not enough of a psychopath to get a sapphire legendary breedable in the span of a week circa level 130. Assuming a truly insane amount of egg tokens, you can progress along these in parallel.

Maybe I should just revisit Icicle 4 since I’ve got the tokens to speed-breed, but the last time I checked, I thought it slowed down Hau excessively.

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If egg tokens aren’t an issue, and you want to commit to leveling with a little less grind, the 200% XP boosts can be nice (purchase via dragon spell/boost equip screen by tapping on it); they’re absolutely more of a luxury, but they do cut down on the grind.

There are ways to repath and get to sapphire earlier with Sekhem (or another), but that’d take getting to L108 anyway and are likely more expensive as well - not worth the waste in the long run.


Ah yeah I have no plans to change paths, despite the grind I feel like the one I’m on will do me just fine. I hadn’t thought about the 200% Xp boosts, though, I’ll be sure to check those out. Thank you for the input! :smiley_cat: :t_rex:

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I just went through this myself, but shot straight to level 108 knowing I would be there for a good while. There you can get all the Platinum dragons to breedable and three Sapphire dragons (Sekhem, Scorchil, & Anapa) to level 5. Straight shot to 126 and Hau from there, after six months of token grinding😂


I get nosfer first then threw shard on nosfer and munin for cerbero without making waste of token. Hatch cerbero (about 14 days speed up) and train to level 6 in the same event, which works very well because it was the 2nd discount week of season. After that get cerbero n nosfer to breed kelvin and vulcan at level 96 (plus get whale and necura at the same time). train kelvin to breedable and get kaiju at 108. Sure I can get sekhem by 108 if I use speed up on hatching kelvin and vulcan but the amount of speed up on breed catsle make me think again.

So it would take 4 breeding event unless you want to waste speed up on hatching.

Still stuck on lv5 Mune, Nosfer, and Cerbero.
I am confused whether to do Whale + Mune (Kulan + Jagra + 1 plat eggs) or Nosfer + Cerbero (Vulcan + Kelvin + 4 plat eggs) first…
Kulan + Jagra will give enough extra eggs once I reach lv 102, while Kelvin and Vulcan are Legendaries, which will take some time to get enough exp to reach breedable level (with the least spending…)

1st I dont even need Kulan or Jagra to get to sapphire
2nd I have to breed kelvin and vulcan for sekhem anyway and they take a lot of time to hatch as well as training
3nd nosfer and cerbero path get me 14/12 platinum egg for builder while using kelvin to hatch Kaiju (n kulan)

if you pick the other way, you have to train 4 dragons

I am more deep into shit. I already bred Jagra and Kulan. But still at 95 after fortification. Sucks now. I have no idea what to do this breeding.


@Herablitz :
I tried to minimize potion usage during dragon training. I have no ruby supply other than event and free R10, and my speedups are limited. Therefore, I tried my best to avoid breeding legendary using legendary in gold and plat…
That’s why 4 dragons are okay, since I can use Andy or some other base.

Send me some packs :roll_eyes:

If it’s allowed, I can send you no more than the value of all packs and elites I’ve bought in this game :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wait. Gift and IG prizes are not included…

I sped to lvl102 today to be able to breed Jagra and Kulan together, which I’ll be doing within the next few days. Here are my plans. Subject to change of course as I’ve based this on being totally secure with timer amounts. I’ll have to get to level 126 in a few steps beyond that, and since that’s a big jump that I’ll be staying at for a few more steps on the path, I’m not in a huge rush. Hopefully I’m not being a bother, but I’d like some feedback:

I don’t write down PvPs because I never skip those and generally don’t have much to plan for them besides chest opening. :t_rex:

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I would try to grind rizar and kaiju, then breed cerbero and nosfer out of event. They are back breeds so not worth a lot of points. That way you can save some speeds on them.

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That’s a good idea! Will do. Thank you very much :t_rex: