Breeding Again!

What are you going to do this event? No dragons to breed? No research to do? What are your plans for the 4th minor event in a row?

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Take more naps.

Rant on the forums about spell scaling
What is your plan?


I do believe this is the 3rd minor event.

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I think she means 4th breeding event in a row

Breeding, fort, feeding, breeding I think.

Maybe I will teach myself how to knit or brew beer.

Huh? :thinking:

Oh no you missed one


NVM you were right
I thought that this was the 4th breeding event she was going through with nothing to do. There are others who have this problem of not having anything to breed and having to do more vanguard eggs (i’ve seen someone with what, 150ish of them?)



This confused me since the dates are inverted :see_no_evil: I’m not used to the dates getting bigger as you move higher up in a colum…

You are right, I forgot they snuck in Kingdom wars.

But yeah, I have had nothing to breed since mythic vanguards came out.

I had it the other way, but once the list got larger it didn’t make sense to always scroll down to the very bottom to get to the new data so i flipped it.

It’s easy to get used to :slight_smile:

The advantage of being the FNG. I will breed and level Pyro, Stomheim, and Lumina, but much like mech, I plan on posting on the forums in my “free” time. :slight_smile:

Doubt that accounts for even 10%

Lots of people have all dragons bred. But I’m more fearful they will produce dragons faster. We need quality not quantity, and something to get gainful effort spent on during breeding events when there is nothing to breed.

I’ll make probably 20 more vanguard eggs or so (already have too many which can never be used)

I need those points for sigils more than I need to save my huge stockpile of tokens.

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Will we have all EMP released this season Mech?

Seems that all have been set…

Welcome to the forums! :hugs:

My question would be when does PG plan on releasing the new tier? They said they would be released in January but next breeding will not be until February.
Is PG planning on releasing the new tier outside of breeding to screw the player base over ?

You mean the way they released the earth flak right after the fort event ended?