Breeding Again!


I always file new information in the front of a file, not at the back… same concept.


Praying for a miracle that something new will be released even if it’s just new research … But somehow most likely I will be sadly disappointed…




Oh my…

Edit: too much anthropomorphic, they should breed like reptiles


the fact that a breed causes an egg fragment to appear seems very painful :confused:


Where were all of you when I was complaining about this yesterday? :sweat_smile::rofl:


Having two vanguard drags that you can’t hatch yet is also boring af


Bred Mune
Bred jagra and kulan
Done with event and bored asf. It was fun for a day but now back to the grind.


Been seeing a lot of people annoyed by the lack of new tier, having nothing to breed/research etc. Was the tier officially delayed, or is it still yet to be announced? I was as surprised as many others it didn’t come out this event :man_shrugging:


It is yet to be announced.

They were hoping / assumed that the new tier would come out with this breeding event, but PG never said anything about it.


Earth Flak 2.0 ? Right after breeding closes. :joy::joy::joy:

The other option is Feb 6th based on when the mystery prizes unlock for the existing seasonal dragons and would be my bet.


PG has confirmed in streams (and maybe on here) that the new tier was meant to come out for this event, but it was delayed due to various issues with the dragons. Many of those of us that assumed it would come out during this event did so because that was the date listed for release of UVS’s Empyrean stone. That date has now changed to February 6, 2019, which would coincide with the next breeding event (assuming the cadence doesn’t change again).


Did they mention any details on this?


if they had said anything concrete, I must have been sitting on my ears. Maybe I was… so now I am all ears. Or eyes. Whatever.


Not that I recall, it may not have even been as specific as I thought. It’s at about 3min into this video:


“Somewhen during this season”. And there IS a delay. It’s quite vague, but still something. Thanks.

note to self: tie up the ears when watching a stream


I’m rewatching the Twitch stream too, may be conflating two memories.

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