Breeding and Feeding

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons! Just a suggestion, put breeding and feeding events together.

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Search FTW :man_facepalming:


Please, no.
Putting breeding and feeding together and food for training will become myth.


Just get rid of Feeding all together. It doesn’t happen often enough for us to save all resources for it and if it did it would take the place of much more important events


I actually love feeding and save xp for it all season… a lot of the people on my team save up their xp as well.


I don’t do this because I feel like stalling progression like that defeats the purpose of it being a game. Fortification events happen often enough that this isn’t a problem for me. The thing with feeding is generally saving up food for 9 weeks means you aren’t getting any dragon lineage progression on your new dragons and if you just hatched a divine you can’t level it up until feeding. Who wants to get a dragon and then wait 2 months to use/level it?

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I see this a lot and I think it depends on what people actually do. For me I get all mine to breedable and then stop levelling apart from the few decent lineage ones because so far they’ve almost all been knaff lol. Why waste time levelling something to expert if I hate it when it could give me points in an event :wink:

Most of my points come from regular, rare, or epic dragons that I am not going to use anyway. That isn’t hurting my progression at all and I wouldn’t be leveling them if it wasn’t for a feeding event. I level my divines and a few strong breedable hunters because those are my most used dragons. For my other strong breedable dragons, I level them as high as I need to to go for the bases I am going after. So once they are strong enough for my max xp bases, I just collect xp on them. Doesn’t slow my progression at all, just gives me points and rewards for grinding through levels on my dragons.


Just feed regularly three of your strongest/fav dragons and starve others (except for the dragons you need for breeding, feed them till breedable too). You can’t use more than three drags at once anyway

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What? You can have like ten or so in your roster if you unlock all the slots. Or do you mean during a run? Either way, if you have a handful of divines, it’s good to have a nice variety. Some bases I wouldn’t take with Avyx, but could easily do with Fomhar. :t_rex:

First, No.

Second, why does someone post a suggestion but offer no reasoning for why they are suggesting it.

Seems like if they felt it was important enough to create a thread they would have some reason for why they thought it was important enough. As it is the idea becomes less important than most of the threads with similar ideas that have been posted before.

During one run of course🙄 Feed Axi then for example, he’s pretty universal. Such dragons as Fomhar can take higher lvl bases without significant harm to them, I haven’t been feeding mine since last event and he’s doing just fine.

Here’s one of the many threads on this:

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