Breeding/Assault Event Issues - Official Updates Thread

Hi team - this is the thread where I’ll post the latest updates on the current Breeding/Assault issues. It will be a locked thread so people don’t have to scroll through hundreds of posts. If you need to comment on something - reply here: SunScorch - 4th event is BREEDING / ASSAULT RETURNS YAIIIIIIIIII - lets hope no bugs

Update on all current issues (updated as of 6/24).

  1. Players ineligible for the event - The team is currently investigating an issue where players are incorrectly marked as ineligible for the event. A fix for this is currently in the works, then testing will be done overnight. We hope to release this fix in the morning (Pacific Time) on Thurs the 25th.
  2. Breeding Event prizing mismatch - We are aware of a prizing discrepancy for the current event. Rune and Sigil prizing has been affected so that there are fewer Sigils being earned than expected, and double the Runes. We will credit the difference in Sigils next Tuesday (6/30), and players will be able to keep the extra Runes.
  3. Unable to claim Team Achievement prizes - we’re getting reports in tickets and here that players are unable to claim their Team Achievement prizes despite meeting the requirements. The team is investigating this issue as we speak, and intends on release a fix as soon as possible.

Thanks again for letting us know these issues as quickly as they popped up! You should be able to participate in these event as usual now – remembering that you’ll get your rewards credited when the event ends next Tuesday.

Why next Tuesday?

Pushing changes right now is too risky, so we’ll do it when a live event is not running in order to stave off any bigger headaches.


We’ve been made aware of a Tier Change issue in Assault. We’re looking into it.

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We are currently rolling out Tier change and Team Achievements fixes to the playerbase.

Update: All Team Achievements and Tier issues should be fixed. All issues related to this event are currently fixed, the only remaining step is to credit players with Sigils on Tuesday 6/30.

There have been reports about hacking in Assault. We are aware of the problem and will be doing regular sweeps and bans of offending accounts.