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I’ve been trying to find a calculator online to see how many rubies it takes to breed a dragon that way but I’m struggling to find one. I’m looking at Jul, and I could’ve sworn I got him started and even used my mythic fragments on it, but it’s back to 0 and I don’t have any fragments left. Maybe my memory is just bad or I just had a glitch, but just in case I don’t want to try unless I know I’ll get him. Does anyone have a link to a good calculator or can calculate it?

I think you didn’t find one because breeding with rubies is an absolutely terrible idea. Gold chests during breeding will get way more breeding progress for the same cost, plus timers and sigils.


I have 90 gold chests, but I already got namaka. Should I use them anyway or save them for a boost to next season?

Morreion is good Morreion is wise



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Depends if you missing Leinal or Ano, both riders are worth it.

He means save them for next season

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Please please please do not breed with rubies. It is such a waste. You can get substantially more tokens through pretty much every other method.

If you want tokens now. Speed up breed missions. Or open chests. Do not use rubies to breed please.



Ruby breeding (bad) <
direct token purchase (still bad) <
Gold Chests (arguably good) <
Speeding up token mission, no elite (arguably good) <
Speeding up token mission, elite (good)

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True. The last two take time as well, so they’re a bit different. But the first three options are all instant tokens, and of those only gold chests make sense to use.


Every time a player clicks to breed with rubies, a PG employee gets their wings.

I could have made this rhyme, but it would have been inappropriate. :eyes:

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