Breeding Castle and Incubator required for each Tier

What’s the relationship between the Breeding Castle and Incubator levels and the Dragon Tiers they can breed/incubate?

Is the level the same as the number of the tier? For instance, Harbinger is the 12th tier. Do I need a level 12 Breeding Castle to breed Harbingers and a level 12 Incubator to hatch them?

All the information you need about this stuff is on neon, I can get the link for it if you need it

It’s on neon indeed, but as a general rule you need a level X incubator to incubate tier X eggs, and you need a level X breeding castle to use tier X as a parent when breeding. So you don’t need the castle to breed tier X, just to breed with tier X parents.


Thanks, Morreion, that was very clear.