Breeding Castle Requirements (For Dragons)

Sorry if this is already a thing. I was wondering if anyone has put together something that shows the breeding castle requirements for certain dragons? Or is it consistently each castle upgrade lets you breed the next tier (though you still need the following incubator level to hatch the dragons you’re breeding)?

Example, I needed Castle level 6 to breed Mune (Amoeba site says I need Castle level 7, which is why I’m asking here) but needed Incubator level 7 to hatch Mune.

Mostly asking so I can more effectively prioritize what I’m upgrading, and also breeding (in case at some point I think I’m ready to breed something and boom need to upgrade the castle randomly mid-tier).

Again very sorry if this is posted somewhere and thank you!

If I understand you correctly you found data wrong on amoeba? (But otherwise was what you were looking for had it not been wrong in one case)

I just use amoeba, and have yet to have a problem.

The Amoeba castle level as the sub-heading-ish thing (Rare platinum warrior, 120 frags, castle 7, incubator 7 (19d 6h ), breedable 6) shows the level needed to use the dragon as a parent in breeding, not the level to get it as a result. For that, you’d need to check the parents of Mune.


But I bred Mune with my castle at level 6, which is why I’m confused.

Just edited my response for better clarity - I’m guessing that you bred gold dragons to get Mune as a result, but you didn’t use Mune as a parent?

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Ah ok thank you. That’s what I wanted to know. And no I just hit level 90 this past fort event so couldn’t upgrade until then (was 27 levels since the last time I could upgrade). Greatly appreciated, thank you!

This is how they are termed in the csv file


So, castle 7 is the level you need to use Mune as a breeding parent. The castle level isn’t for controlling what children you can breed.

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To use Plats, level 7, to use Sapph, level 8, to use Emerald, level 9

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Thanks to all! Very, very helpful.

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