Breeding Castle

When I breed my auto breeding tab don’t show up. Can u pls tell me why?

Depends on your dragon tier perhaps. When I bred in my alt before, the autobreed tab didnt show up either

Can you send a pic?

I don’t think it shows up until you start breeding blue dragons. It isn’t terribly useful though until you get to gold. When you’re in orange and green you complete dragons pretty fast so it constantly halts if you haven’t hatched an egg you’ve completed. You basically have to restart autobreed about every 800 tokens.

Lol. I’m way passed that tier man. I just didn’t pay attention in my alt when I breed :see_no_evil:
But thanks for the info

Do you have more than 400 tokens? I know I didn’t get the autobreed option until I had more than 400 tokens. If you do, and it still isn’t showing up, I have no clue.

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