Breeding [Discounts, Prices, Guides, Research, Etc.]

I don’t quite understand how the breeding discounts and prices function. The Breeding Guide (Red’s Best; inarguably the most widely used throughout the game; I personally use Red’s Cheapest, but that’s temporary) shows the dragons at a set price. However, with the availability of various types of research, tier-based discounts, etc., the breeding prices are not particularly as similar to what is mentioned in the guide. How exactly is this calculated? Is there any specific formula?

In reds guide it was the discount they used to use.

Every new tier the cost to breed a dragon egg decreases for non endgame dragons. So, the cost is amount of breeds needed x cost for each breed

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Just what RuRu said. You can check the current discount applied to most non-end-game tiers here (where else if not on Neon WD)


Thank you both.

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Actually tier-based discount is the only variable affecting breeding costs, there’s no research or rider boost for it like there is for building.

Angel already linked the current discount percentages. You can also find the up-to-date cost for any specific dragon by looking it up on the site and hitting “view parents”.