Breeding dragon disapeared

In the first hours of the breeding event I used all my tokens on Jul ( garnet) and Huahset ( saphire).
I got the egg from Jul and used speed up on it so I could get garnet on my Ronin. When i used the speed up the game crashed and Jul now shows 1/ 700 to breed

Did you get your tokens back?

3k back only… wasted more than 70k on Jul

Make a ticket

I did, they sent a useless automatic message after a day and a half and told me make another ticket if that automatic answer wasnt corret. I did a new ticket also and someone from my team suggested to me to post here also

Post it here (ticket number) and tag Arelyna if necessary

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This has happened to a team mate a couple of times. You just have to keep pestering them.

First ticket #1690644 had a automatic reply saying to make a new ticket if it wasnt a usual problem… the second ticket #1692637 had the same replay.

Is this the way to tag? #Arelyna or @Arelyna

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@Arelyna @Crisis please help him

If u keep pestering they can ban if failed on ticket request ask for esculat and or then come here and ask pg nicely to look into it

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@Prince this is the answer on both tickets, I fell like in a loop… should I reply or make a third ticket?

Hello Helvetin,

Thanks for writing in! Please note, this is an automated response that summarizes a list of issues that appeared after the Assault & Breeding Events launched. If your particular concern is not covered below, please file a new ticket with us. But if it is, please follow the instructions in the point pertaining to your issue.

1 - Seasonal Egg Token Boost (125% Boost)

We apologize for the brief trouble wtih this. The team resolved this issue shortly after it was reported. If your boost is still missing, please full-close and restart the app.

2 - Breeding Event Boost (100% Boost)

Just like the missing 125% boost, the team resolved this issue shortly after it was reported. If your boost is still missing, please full-close and restart the app.

3 - Chests Not Dropping In Battle

We apologize for the trouble, the team is currently looking into this. We believe that this issue is intermittent and affecting some players. As soon as there’s an update, we will let everyone know.

4 - Assault Points

It appears that there might be some confusion on how to earn points in the Assault event. In short, to gain points for each base, you simply need to defeat the base with 100% destruction. For more details, please visit our “How Do I Earn Points In The Assault Event?” article at:

5 - Energy Rest Times

The team is currently investigating reports of issues with energy refill reset times. The team believes that this might just be a visual error. Nevertheless, they are looking into it and we will update our Live Event Issues article.

Please note that response times may be slower than usual due to current ticket volume. For an up-to-date list on the status of an issue listed above, please visit our Live Event Issues page at:

We are really sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused. We appreciate your patience and your understanding

Hi @Kardul , I saw that you are a mod here, can you help me now what is the next step? Should I make a third ticket or just reply? I unsderstood that I have to make a new ticket but I think the reply will be the same… Since english is my second language I think i might have understood something wrong.
What should I do?

I believe that replying auto-response once should be fine.


I’m sorry, I may be a moderator here but I’m a player like you, not an employee. I don’t have access to tickets nor can I act on them.

Orca is right here. Just reply to the ticket once to get your ticket transferred to a person who will check your issue further. Try to make screenshots of as much proof you can that you bred this Dragon but you can’t seem to find them : Breeding castle, Den, Incubator, the points you spent breeding for the event… Eventually the tokens you had before starting to breed.

There’s nothing else to do except eventually send a PM to Arelyna or DragonPunch with the link to this thread, your ticket numbers and any additional information. Then wait patiently. Don’t create several tickets about the same subject, it’s not going to help :neutral_face:

(I hate when an issue happens and I should have done screenshots about it. It compels me to become a screenshot freak :sweat_smile:)

Just to close the loop here, looks like your ticket, @Helvetin, got a response.

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Yeah, i got the reply this morning, thanks


Just to update the post

2 weeks without they solving the problem or atleast saying they are really taking a look on the problem… just 1 guy took 1 superficial look saying I only spend 97k egg tokens on the event and used on Haushaset but couldnt explain the 163k event points and I only used 1 mythic fragment.(the math are not working here) The other replys were useless as 1 guy telling that 1 egg token = 1 point… he just made my point to take a better look on the problem

They could sum 2 months off egg tokens I got, how much I spent and how much I got now and they will see that something is missing.

Since then i almost stoped playing and will stop playing as soon as my team have someone to replace me so I dont let them down in war.

Sorry for my poor english