Breeding Dragons for Research Eggs

hello all and Happy New Year!

I’ve been following Red’s Breeding Guide and this wknd I thought I would be breeding Cephoth but he or it requires a lvl 17 Breeding Castle which requires my lvl to be 508 and I’m at 502. Therefore, I’ll be catching up on research but idk what dragons to “re-breed” from Sapphire and up.

so my question is which dragons do I use for the extra eggs for sapphire, garnet, emerald, and so forth.


neon strikes again…thank you

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1 more question and @Morreion feel free to jump

the 1st line on that link says Sek and Apop are the parents for 1112 tokens and Sek again as the offspring…does this mean “re-breed” Sekhem and 1112 tokens will produce 1 sapphire egg??

The re-breed of Sekhem is the research egg. When you already have the child, breeding gives you a research egg of that tier. Actually, you get a little bit of Apophet as well, so if you breed a lot of Sekhem eggs, you’ll eventually get an Apophet research egg too (all research eggs of a given tier are equivalent). You can see this from the first line here: Parents for Sekhem - Neon War Dragons

Yes that’s exactly it, every re-breed gives one research egg. Do make sure to check you’re using the cheap combination of parents too, sometimes the game will suggest different ones that used to be cheaper before discounts came in.

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