Breeding Dragons frustration


You need to fix the way you earn eggs when breeding dragons I will get the same purple egg 9 times in a row when breeding for blue dragon eggs so I’ve used over 1,000 eggs this last week and I can’t get enough or hardly any of the blue eggs I need.


Have you tried following a breeding path? There are threads on the forum that link to them. They will help aid you in selecting the right dragons to breed.


I don’t want to sound mean, but if you’re having these frustrations at purple/blue tier, you should probably delete the game & play something else. Things get exponentially worse as you progress through higher tiers.


It’s just by chance and rarity of the dragon egg or tier affect it. Blue tier is less common than the purple tier, thus you’ll get more purple eggs than blue when breeding pair has a chance of both.


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This is what I use, and it saved me lots of tokens. So now I have a nursery full of baby dragons. The proper Baby Boom!


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