Breeding Event (13th week/last event of spring 2019 season)

Credit to @PoseidonPQ


Balahm and valens for me this event (have like 5k eggs left on tuktu too, technically)

another post would be appropriate tbh , we are the in week of breeding

But his poster says he’s not making another poster since he already announced breeding last week :man_shrugging:t3:


he isnt the only cf member with this posters I think :stuck_out_tongue: (eventho he is my favourite)

I’m getting Jormungadr! (I hope! I’m short on egg tokens :cold_sweat: Liz was lazy this last month :sweat:)


My breeding is simple this time:

Get Opes, make him/her breedable
Get 2 more obsidian eggs (for next fort)
Get some green eggs for research, I think I need 20

Last event of the season… keeping some progression and meeting minimums.

Tuktu and whatever sapphire eggs get’s me to required points.

I’m limping into breeding with backbreeding Destar and getting 650 individual sigils for 30k egg tokens :joy::joy:

This will give me exactly the sigils i need for Ronin upon collecting my team prize at the end of next event, so better to save for next season. By limping in to both this last breed and last Fort events, i’m in a very good position to start off the next season and get where i need.


Rajin and Morthil for me! My goal is to hit Van by July… Assuming my team doesn’t hold me back too much :roll_eyes:

Already bred doing 1 a month but will already be starting another of the myth empys

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My goal is to get archimara done and as much of rhyo as I can. But as long as I get to harb by 300 I’m happy. 50 levels to go!

Speaking of which, i need new dragons to do XP runs. By the end of the month i should be pretty much done getting XP on all available dragons for my player level


Your dedication to experting all dragons both amazes me and is more than a bit terrifying.


Getting nothing😭
Not lv400 yet so last breed’s babies are still mocking me in the incubator.

Your team has breeding event minimums? :eyes:

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I plan on just getting to the 390k mark and leave the rest for next season! :grin: that’ll get me Lusian with Capulous as a bonus! :yum:
Need a lot of timers though :cry:

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Yes, must be clearer… event point minimum.

Players not finished for the season need the team sigil prize after all :slight_smile:

IMO! he’s the best dragon ever created!
1-free shield works against mage!
2-white death gaze that can hit 2 towers at once (3 if u hold your fingers right)
3-freeze stops projectiles midair
4-freeze works with 360’ effect!
And he looks pretty cool!
Enjoy :heart_eyes:

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PG should give you 1 million egg tokens as appreciation gift! :joy::heart_eyes: