Breeding event advice needed

Hi ho everyone o/

So I have a little dillema and thought some of you might be able to give me a piece of advice here.

I am about to enter Gold Lineage (EttinxDanzig = Bander+Yersinu). I have currently 55k tokens, so enough to get them just using eggs. I also have 80 Fragments.

I assume I am able to get 100k tokens with boost by the next breeding event to get Whalegnawer and Consurgens, so my question is - should I spent mystic frags right now, or keep them for Whale and Cons?

As far as I know, 80 Mystic Frags will give me more points than egg tokens, so I am not sure what is the best strategy here. I do not have token boost yet, am at Inner Fire reward (holding chests till PvP event, all my gold ones and bronze ones), so I guess the more points I get earlier the better?

Thanks for any tips :slight_smile:

You can wait till the last day of the event then use all your tokens and then decide if you want to use your Mystic Fragments. Using tokens early in this event doesn’t give you anything better.

I wouldn’t put fragments in either one to be honest, since you’re breeding two dragons at the same time. I generally only use fragments for these when one is finished a bit sooner than the other, but that’s just a few.

If you do want to use them, the Whale/Cons breed seems like a better spot, since you get less green research eggs per token spent out of that combo.

Personally I’m stockpiling my fragments for Sekhem, which has a single-dragon breed with lousy research eggs. Also without fragments I’ll need 250k tokens that weekend, so I like to lower that as much as I can.

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I only ned 46K tokens for the current breeding, if I recall correctly. My dillema is, if I should put Fragments into that breeding to save some tokens for later and get more points in total for the current event.

I would save fragments for Sapphire, you will need a ton of them then.

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Save the fragments and just use tokens. Don’t use fragments when trying to breed two dragons with the same parent. Plus, you’re still breeding green, so you can be organically getting research and builder hut eggs.

Generally speaking, only use fragments on dragons with a HIGH token to fragment ratio (i.e 205 tokens = 1 fragment). This will come later on for you, so I suggest you just bank them and save them for when you get to Sapphire (as mentioned above by @JJ6758. Don’t use fragments when breeding a dragon that will get you (needed) eggs for your builder hut. Also, NEVER EVER use fragments on backbreeds.

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If your level is 70 or more, and you really need points from fragments, try breed Yersinu early using egg tokens, train him to lv 8, and breed Whale/Cons using Lumen / Munin + Yersinu. The fragments can be used there.

Very true, but actually some of the highest of these are in orange and gold. For example Amarok and Whalegnawer have a 400 token per fragment ratio (5% breed chance). Of course you’re co-breeding Whale with Cons, so still not the best spot for fragments unless one finishes sooner than the other. And with Amarok you kinda need the blue research eggs.

From Sapphire and onwards, fragment counts fly up, but the token/fragment ratio drops a little to 200-280 generally. And on some breeds you really need the builder hut eggs too, so you can’t throw mystic fragments at those.


Very true. Cost per token may be high on certain dragons in earlier tiers, but the overall token cost is very low through Gold, so having been through Sapphire and halfway through Garnet, I HIGHLY recommend saving fragments until you get to Sapphire. Especially as a free or elite only player.

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Thanks everyone, then I will hold my frags until I get to Sapphire. Wasn’t aware it is such a problem in there, with breeding.

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It’s tough. 125k tokens per legendary and 200k tokens per mythic. There are a couple backbreeds, but you have to pay full price for several.

i suggest saving all mystic frags until at least sapphire, when you will truely need them and when each one counts as 200+ egg tokens.

Edit: Oops i should have read whole thread, i see others have already said this.

Still not very convinced by this. Why is saving 200 egg tokens in sapphire better than saving 300-400 egg tokens in gold? If you use them smartly in green and gold you’ll go to sapphire with maybe 100 less fragments, but 35000 more egg tokens.

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because before sapphire there are lots of back breeds and the overall cost of dragons is a lot lower. I suppose do the math on each dragon you are going to breed but if the costs of the dragon divided by the number of egg fragments needed (ie. 250 for a Plat legendary) is less than 200, you should probably not use mystics for that breed.

IIRC (and memory is not perfect)

Sekham + Apophet = Sekham (very good research combo).

Yes that makes sense, but the cost for Amarok, for example, is 400 per fragment, much higher than any Sapphire. Gold legendaries are also at 400, and most green ones are 280.

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but he can be easily back bred later and is a bit of an exception. He isn’t as useful as he once was so personally i wouldn’t pay full price for Amarok if i had to start again. But yes, if you are going straight for it, then that would be a good time to use them.

So this is what I would do. Your token count has you scoring not many points in breed no matter if you use the mystics, too. Breed is literally the worst event for prizes. By far. PG makes their absolute most money on this event and we get the worst ROI.

My suggestion would be to run at the Yersinu and Bander breed and level Yersinu to breeding this event and then see what you have for tokens. If you have enough to get to several prize tiers, begin the breed now.

45k token breed gets you to the 1900 prize tier which would give you a culmative total of 2280 rubies, 2595 more tokens, and 825 sigils along with some other shit. You dont have nearly enough tokens or mystics to go more than 1-2 prize levels higher than that, even if you used all your tokens and mystics, you’d only end up 1-2 prize tiers up, which is super negligible in rubies, tokens and sigils earned.

Your best bet is probably just Yersinu and Bander and maybe, just maybe, beginning your expensive breed.

First - in orange/green/gold - an average player can get 2+ dragons per breeding event, but in sapphire the same player could take 2+ breeding events to get one dragon.

Second - research eggs.

It’s not always the relative value of the fragment vs the tokens.


I’m sorry but 35,000 tokens is a joke if you think that will make the slightest dent in sapphire. Personally I didn’t save all my fragments but I wish I did. I’m saying this from the benefit of hindsight.