Breeding event advice needed


I have 410 fragments and they’re ALL going into iteru this event so I can breed Hau as well with the 148k tokens that i currently have. Will still need to open chests, grind, get seasonal prizes to obtain another 70k tokens or so to fully breed Hau.

See the grind now? Sapphire wall! :cry:


May want to see if @TheRedDelilah can help… her breeding path has best places to use MF vs tokens


When breeding PAIRS, aka all the legendary gold’s you need to divide that cost by 2 since you have to spend fragments on both dragons evenly for it to be effective (you need both to progress further).

Same with greens, they typically breed in pairs.

So these values end up being less than the sapphries which you have to breed separately.



If I was a prize short of earning the token boost, I’d use the mystic fragments for points at the end of the event. Otherwise, I’d say save them for later.


Yeah if you’re following a nice path there are not that many opportunities. Amarok, the last part of Ettin (once Ith is done), Maybe Yersinu and Ferrox if you don’t really care for the secondaries, or if like me you didn’t do an optimal route from the start.

In the end it doesn’t really matter that much, it’s all fairly small quantities at my level either way. As long as you don’t spend fragments on breeding pairs or backbreeds there’s no real bad place to put them.


Below courtesy of @TheRedDelilah

To be used as a starting point. As @mechengg already pointed out for double breeds you need to divide the value of frags by 2.


I have 125K needed for Sekhem, that’s who I’m after this event, where you getting 250K? Apophet is 200k or 250k, can’t remember.


Probably for both Sekham and Scorchil in the same event.


Yep, that’s exactly it. And of the two Scorchill gives more platinum research eggs, so Sekhem gets the fragments.


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