Breeding event again! My dragons are far too hungry for all those shenanigans!


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Does anyone else have a hungry herd of drags? Isnt it about time we had a feeding event?


Not at all


Just consider feeding as a blessing which doesn’t come when expected.
Also, it’s NOT recommended to hold breeding back for the sake of feeding event.

I know that most hate feeding with passion.
However, for the one anticipating it, I think having one for last time is good…


I hate feeding lol. It gives me no sense of satisfaction or progression whatsoever and unlike fort there is never enough food around. Hoping to not see it in the rest of the season personally, you guys can have it next season if you like though :wink:


Either this season or next season, I’ll be happy if PG send a global message announcing the last feeding event.

That way, we can have new and improved xp event :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’d be perfectly happy to never see feeding again. Also, if breeding “again” is a surprise to you, you’ve been living under a very big rock the last few months…


This, feed theoretically should be the easiest event to mass points and to prepare for but with the lack of food(with atlas not making it any easier as everyone immediately stashes food in their bank), not adding the banks themselves literally run dry within a day or so, makes feed a painstaking event with more dragons left unfed. Always looking forward to feeding my perch :roll_eyes:


Keep doing feeding and building back to back. Pg is boring. Need more pvp and 3 feeding per season. Big points scored on feeding. At least feeding last more than 10 minutes. Breeding could be a one day event


Put feeding and breeding together… and we need more pvp!!!


Stop starving your dragons.


Nobody thinks on the skinny dragons


Agree with Red completely. Personally, I NEVER starve my active roster of dragons, waiting for an occassional feeding event to happen. I always prefer to feed my primary dragons to keep them stronger. I have though, pulled older dragons out of my den and banked XP on them prior to feeding events. Those dragons that were only needed for breeding, and were denned once breedable. They usually take a smaller amount of food per level, which is easier to obtain and hold onto. If you have banked enough XP on these older dragons, the feeding really adds up! You get good points during the rare feeding events, AND you don’t intentionally starve your roster, keeping your main dragons as strong as possible. This game is much more fun with stronger dragons.

-Just my 2 cents worth anyway.


If feeding never comes around again it will be too soon.


I love the feeding event. Do I wish it was exchanged with the xp event? Of course. But I rotate my dragons daily for xp runs so I always have ones to feed that aren’t kept in my roster. Still…I would much rather have the xp event than feeding. Miss that event :cry:


Feeding is just a poorly thought out event. It encourages actively keeping your roster weak to earn points. Why not just have an event (as suggested by many many other people) to just encourage levelling or gaining experience or just playing the game. Encourage people to push for levels.

That and, if people have maxed dragons now they can’t participate in feeding outside of perches. If it’s an exp event you can load exp on maxed dragons to still earn rewards.


It wasn’t just suggested, it’s been done before.


Perfect. Code is already there. I’ll take one exp event hold the onions please


Hahahaha!!! But keep the pickles.


:roll_eyes: Which dragons?

*sneak away slowly while trembling…