Breeding event again! My dragons are far too hungry for all those shenanigans!


I’l do what I want with my dragons… I’m prepared for every event.


Yes I have 6. Dragons ready to lvl up 4 of them more then twice


How Lucky :drooling_face:
I have 5 starving divines and at least 7 starving lineages…
(2 of them even stacking about 30M exp each)


Why are you starving those?!? :t_rex:


Probably due to Axi hype (most base can be destroyed by Axi :rofl::rofl::rofl:)
Still, I’m not violating my belief.
Never starve your main dragons.


I’ve got a few starving divines but wasting food on tarand and sage almost feels like a crime. I wanna keep Avyx (aka DancerHauk) at the tier he’s currently in for temple raid reasons. The only one who’s starving who I want to feed is Sylphen, but I’ll feed her when feeding comes…


Nope because I actually feed my dragons like you’re supposed to. Feeding events are for pointlessly feeding benched dragons and perches. No one “needs” a feeding event, just feed your dragons.

I have plenty of benchables waiting for an event. It happening once a season gives us more than enough time to store up xp.


These dragons can score me alot of points that’s my way of getting up in the prizes everyone style is different if your free to play that’s the smartest way if you pay to play burn those rubies transfering xp and buying food


We’re a gold team, so not in atlas with a lot of smaller level players and the feeding event encourages people to communicate not only asking in team messages who has spare rss but also for thosr players to ask for assistance and support on runs to get food etc.

As for banking xp on other dragons, to transfer isnt that just playing into the hands of 'if we get players to do that they will spend more money on Rubies to transfer it? All my roster dragons are fed with the exception of those which i cant feed due to needing do other tasks to allow me to feed :disappointed_relieved:


I starve all of my lineage dragons once they reach breeding level, but the only divine I haven’t fed is Chimerak…because I only use him for invader runs if at all. I’ll earn my feed sigils by taking every Saph drag I own from breedable to expert. That’s plenty for me.


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