Breeding Event Bonus Prize Levels

What are the point requirements for the three hidden bonus tiers in breeding events (the ones that open up when you are close to the top normal goals in individual achievements). I have been looking here and in chats and can’t seem to find a screenshot.

At the bottom of:


Thank you. However, I’m pretty sure there were three additional prize tiers above the 19.5k level that showed up once you approached 19.5k points.

Ah sorry, I didn’t read your question properly. They’re listed on wdgeeks for fortification at the end, but not for breeding. Not sure if that’s because they don’t have the data or because they aren’t there.

There are extra bonus rewards for sure. But i don’t know the points or rewards either.

I wasn’t able to get the screenshots from my team last event. I will make sure to get all bonuses this go around since we typically have members maxing out the events :slight_smile:

Thanks! If I manage to accomplish what I’m planning this time then I can send you some.

Sounds good! Thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

Actually taking a look back through my screenshots, i was at 14.8k that event. (second last prize)

There are no additional prizes after 19.5k level unless they unlock super late, but typically if you hit this second last mark they unlock.

This is wrong, i apparently just didn’t get high enough

26k then 35k


WDGeeks is updated with prize information

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