Breeding event boring asf

Hoping I’m not the only one bored as f with breeding event… who would enjoy it if was double event breeding and feeding since most are hatching and training drags and breeding takes 30min depending on amount of tokens…

Keen to hear others opinions on this…


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This has already been discussed in several other topics, please search for related threads before posting a new one.

I would love for feed, breed, and build to be a point awarded aspect of the game all the time, rather than unique events. Every time we do the above things, we should earn a little something something :slight_smile: like rubies, timers, etc

I agree, making these things as specific events only causes slow downs in progression. And where there is a slow down, there is less spending.

PG could get players to spend more frequently if we were awarded more frequently.

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Sorry thanks for your input

Although when you are trying to scrape together 125,000 tokens to breed one dragon, waiting for breeding events to roll around doesn’t slow your progress all that much lol.

:pensive: The sapphire wall is a real thing.


Lower levels that get decent tokens often have dragons to level up during the event to keep going. I often needed all 5 days. Now at 114 and breeding sapphire I’m done in 10 mins :rofl:

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I like the fact that breeding lasts the full 5 days. I often will breed a dragon, and need to get him to breeding to breed another dragon, and 5 days allows me the ability to do that.

In addition, if you look at the breeding ‘event’ for what it is, it’s really a pretty good deal. Essentially we get PAID (in prizes) to do something we NEED TO DO ANYWAY - and we get to play the game as normal all the while. No grinding PVP bases, no frantically raiding food/wood for the first hour then be disappointed if you got your RSS stolen because of the start time of the event. A nice, relaxing week of playing.

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I agree. Not to mention that egg tokens missions are doubled for the entire event for free, so non or light spenders can get 5 days of high amount of tokens per month. It’s definitely a good thing for any player (except if you purchased the egg tokens bonus because it doesn’t stack with the event bonus) and a big reason why it must stay 5 days long.

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