Breeding Event Glitches

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I’ve collected my prizes over 10 times now, every time I go back in event screen I have to recollect. Why does this happen every breeding event!? Frustrating!


Collect ONE prize, wait 2-3 seconds, repeat.

This isn’t unique to breeding as far as I know. It’s annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Been playing for more than a year and I’ve never had a problem with collecting prizes when I go slow.


I do 5 at a time, go out of event and do something else, repeat.


5 at a time, restart game, 5 again. Works allways

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I just click on them one at a time and leave a few seconds delay between each click

Give your device time to communicate with the server

I always claim 5 prizes (main event and atlas event) do a pvp/atlas run, claim 5 more etc. No need to reboot the game and you can easily claim them while flying.


I get exact same

It doesn’t work for me

I have times where collecting a few prizes then doing something else before going back in did not work. Usually, in that case I need to restart the game to force it to update the sync. After that, it usually works. This has happened even a day after the event has started so it isn’t start of the event lag either.

Sometimes the sync between device and server just isn’t updated fast enough to our liking. The issue usually goes away the longer you wait from event start. Friday and Saturday during fort seem to be okay for the most part.