Breeding Event - How it Works

It is easy to earn points in a breeding event! You get 1 point per 1 breeding token used, 400 points per every mystical fragment used, and 600 points for every ‘breed 20 eggs’ used!

Every time you breed 1 egg, you get 20 points! Your team division means the place your team has come out of all the other teams in your league. Your rank in team is how you send out of your team, and the rest is obvious. Earn bonus chests during an attack on a base, but also get chest a over a period of time! You get more points for your team at the end after the event is over, and win prizes according to where you send in the division.

Never… Ever… Use… This… Option… (unless for 2k ruby achievement, which only happens ONCE).
It’s a scam, even cost more than buying egg token directly (which is still cost more than speeding up egg mission without elite)




:joy: Appreciate your enthusiasm but probably best to sense check your guides (I think that’s what they are) with more experienced players before publishing.


@moderators please :woozy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is correct

This isn’t correct.

If people want to know how breeding works, they can just look at the first tab of the event and get a more accurate description than this post.