Breeding event : no sigils

we could combine two events: breeding and feeding. And leave the choice of the event at the beginning and leave the possibility to the players to be able to do at least one event.
In my case I could not do any so no Sigils …


This idea has been proposed multiple times before :wink:
You can use the search function btw to see similar threads :grin:


:roll_eyes::+1: thank you and sorry :roll_eyes::+1:

No big deal :wink:

I guess this is off topic, but still related…
During breeding event, all players without egg token boost are given the chance to enjoy the boost during the event, so it’s your chance to get some points…

Spending rubies for more egg tokens is always a good option in this case, assuming that you have elite bonus.

chips I have mys mystics I :sleepy:
what I want is to contribute and be able to make an event …
the solution would be simple: the first opening of the game at the beginning of the event the player chooses the event to do: feeding or breeding. and the player can not afford to change events.
Many players are not in this case and wait to obey sigils.

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My answer to this is a big NO. It can be a major pain in the butt trying to find the food for your baby dragons if you are going after multiple breeds. If they combined feeding with breeding, only those who could buy food packs would be able to go after multiple dragons without a metric ton of extra work.

:joy: be it breeding or feeding the game anyway the money :man_shrugging: so having the opportunity to choose its event would allow those who can not breed to feed

Or you could plan ahead and not waste a lot of egg tokens outside of breeding events :man_shrugging:

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Just an opinion of mine.
If one choose Breeding, they only need food for their extensive training (not for their hungry perch dragons).
For anyone choosing Feeding, Food is the orientation of the event, thus forcing them to raid others heavily. That will affect all players choosing Breeding as well.

And starve the players who want to get dragons breedable of food. Terrible idea imo

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and thats why food packs, rss Chats or Team Banks exist

Breeding and Feeding has to be seperated events.

In each of them you can win many things…
Just safe from last one until next one your stuff… be active… use a good guide… and you are able to do alot.

i wonder why you said “no sigils”… actually they are ok there.

And how much of the game doesn’t even have access to Atlas yet for those team banks? That is yet another example of the growing divide between the haves and the have nots.


No sigils because I have all dragon :man_shrugging:

totally agree… those Banks are a HUGE Advantage in building and feeding.
You can send all extra lumber which is not protected to banks… send like 10 times 100k lumber.
And when you need it you withdraw 1M lumber for upgrade and no one ever had a Chance to loot any…

Send me some of your extra egg tokens then lol. I’m still struggling through the garnet wall :joy:

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yes certainly … I closed the discussion. I play for more than 4 years. yes I have access to the atlas and I played in the rules. I never cried to lower the cost of a dragon. I moved slowly. Yes I ask something like the others ask to lower the price of the dragons ??? while it took me years to get where I am when some people take less than a year.
it’s a dialogue that will not lead to anything

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Or like myself

I have all dragons so can’t breed anything… how am I supposed to participate in this event…

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Research… i know, same boat as you are… and i don’t want to burn a lot of egg tokens to do some researches…