Breeding event points and rewards

Does this look correct trying to calculate how many more sygils I need to get next event.

This looks like it was based on the 25% reduction,which we won’t have. It’s usually 160k eggs or so for the 450 sigil point.

Ok thanks I thought it was off for the old/new cadence

Yep most like you’ll need to add 33% to those values for the upcoming breeding. Unless they forget to change them, you never know…

If you click the tabs at the bottom, you can see the non-reduction prizes.

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Unfortunately they did the cadence plus the x20 at the same time so there isn’t any exact tables from previous events for what this event should be


Just multiply the points with 4/3 should solve it then :wink:

I wonder then will they keep 1 token = 1 point system from last season or with rolling back to pre-discount season system will go back to 20 tokens = 1 point :thinking:

1 token = 1 point was introduced because of the breeding discount, and that’s still here.


That’s good then :ok_hand:t3:

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