Breeding event rewards~

Did anyone else not get them? :thinking: I know a few people in my league & team haven’t gotten the prizes for this last Breed event


Did‘t get them yet either. They probably need to investigate and ban all those cheaters first

Well dont know about it but rewards are out and i have claimed them successfully :eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Lucky lucky

Probably. But I want my sigils :frowning:

Have you guys checked your store for the rewards? you may first find value pack gifts, so you need to claim them all till you come across your rewards.

We got our’s pretty quickly. It was definitely within an 1.5 hours of the event ending.


Of course. Nothing still

I would highly suggest sending in a support ticket in this case. They should easily be able to tell if the rewards were claimed or if there’s something else amiss.

I’m marking this done cause my teammate said I was on at like 2am so I probably claimed it then. “Sleep flying” lmao

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