Breeding Event special offer πŸ‘€

What is in the box??? :eyes:

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Someone please tell me since I wasn’t planning on doing much this event :pray:t3:

Never! :rofl::rofl:


Come on Liz, I’ll play nice on the forum for the rest of the day :pleading_face:

I was teasing :kissing_heart: Will try to remember to show you.

I’ll be waiting … and waiting …

Still waiting :speak_no_evil:

And waiting :joy:

Waiting …

You’ll have to wait at least 25 more minutes :rofl::rofl::rofl: That is if breeding has started when my break actually starts :speak_no_evil:

It’s started already.

I’ll find out for you when I go on break then :rofl: Unless someone else beats me to it.

My special offer appears to be 500 sigils for 2k rubies. That’s a good deal I think?

Really? Not worth it

Edit: Maybe it is but not for me

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Pissed and wont let u claim till offer accepted even tho i didnt accept it it done it

And took your 2k rubies?

Yep n i didnt even click it i clicked down prizing

@Crisis, the special offer has an issue. It stole Prince’s rubies

4k rubies u can get more then 500 it wont even let my wife claim other prizes until the timer is up

anyone else finding it much easier to level dragons suddenly?