Breeding Event Suggestions

As it stands the only way to gain points is the spending of egg tokens and egg fragments. I think there could be a few other possible ways to accumulate points for score in this event.

  1. Hatching Bonus: I think this would be an obvious tactic PG could/should implement during the breed event as it would be a way to further encourage usage of the clocks which would then further encourage spending. Whenever an egg is hatched during the breed a one time point bonus is gained, the point value of which is directly tied to the tier and class (common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic) of the dragon. There would need to be some balance tweaking to make things work across all levels so that for example an player in the Obsidian tier would get a pretty massive hatch bonus for their new baby but someone in a lower position might also get a significant reward for blowing through timers and hatching the entire blue tier in one event (just as an example).

  2. Egg Completion Bonus: Similar to the hatching bonus in that it would provide a one-time bonus upon completion of an egg. Again the bonus would be tied to the tier and class, but with the added wrinkle that multiple completions would see a gradual scaling down of the reward (to prevent cheap point accumulation via research egg routes, for example).

  3. Incubator, Den, Castle Upgrades: Just throwing this out there though I would expect it to be the least warmly received. Grant point bonuses upon completion of upgrades to the Den or Incubator. Only thought of this because I had to upgrade things right before breeding and hatching the platinum tier. The event could provide bonuses for these upgrades scaled to the level and it would give people the choice of whether they would want to upgrade during this event or during fortification when it counts the wood spent. Also, if you count the bonus upon completion it would allow for some timing strategy. If someone plans things out appropriately and has their buildings finish during the event it would be a nice bonus.

  4. Breed and Feed Merge: Maybe it wouldn’t be a complete merge that happens every event, but it would be interesting to see the chaos that would ensue if points were gained both during the breeding aspect and the leveling up aspect at the same time. This would encourage power leveling to get the newly hatched ready for immediate breeding. Scoring would have to be adjusted obviously to make the two different concepts work together (or we could just break the entire system by having the two things run concurrently with their own separate reward paths).

  5. Egg Token Bonus Modification: Correct me if I am wrong here, but the egg token bonus during breed event and the egg token bonus we get from completing the egg token bonus seasonal line do not stack, right? This makes no sense. Of all places where we would want an extra leg up with our token bonus would be during the breeding event itself. If the breeding event gives a 2x bonus and we already earned a 2x bonus for the entire season, it stands to reason that a 4x bonus during the breeding event ought to be a thing. I can understand the logic of saying “what we’re doing is giving you the breeding event bonus for all the time that’s not breeding event” but really it just feels like “we’re stripping you of the bonus you earned at the most crucial time.”

I think those are the only ones off the top of my head. Feel free to comment, expand upon the ones listed her, suggest your own, or tear me to shreds.


I won’t tear you apart, but bet others will. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, you basically just want more rewards and I appreciate that but it’s unlikely PG will do that without taking something away from somewhere else. I think this might help lower levels more than late 100’s up.

You do currently get a bonus when you complete an egg. It’s a shiny new dragon.

Cheers and good luck

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At least you have something to breed. I’m breeding research and builder hut eggs .:sob:

I don’t remember ever not having something to breed. Are you guys following a breeding path commensurate with your base level? Unless something’s changed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. I usually stop when I hit the 450 sigil prize in fort and breeding. Not sure, good luck.

PS: I need 4 garnet eggs for my builder’s hut and “extras” take a LOT of tokens. Each level has their own challenges.

I am not opposed to changing the point structures so that it’s not just “give me more points”. I just think that there are different aspects of the breeding event which could generate rewards and interesting gameplay planning and strategy (following your quickest breeding path or breeding an entire tier out if possible). It would make the event itself more interesting and not just a flat token/drag dump that’s over for many people within the first 15 minutes.

It would be nice if there was some sort of activity that kept people flying throughout the event. Considering there’s also a serious lack of egg tokens around, maybe more activities could reward egg tokens during the event? Something like 1 egg token for every 100 medals earned by attacking bases (maybe scaled by level a bit) would definitely keep people flying over the weekend.

This part has caught my interest. The bonuses not stacking is actually a negative discrimination of those who went for the seasonal token boost and just find it an ugly act from PG.

With elite and the STB, during the breeding event it would be a daydream to do the egg missions.

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I like the hatching bonus idea. It doesn’t have to be much, but something for hatching during this event just makes sense. It will help the lower levels just a little more.

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