Breeding event team prize and sigil prize should be the same number

The 8/8 team prize is 180k points and the sigil prize is at 150k. Please make them both 150k so people don’t have to waste the egg tokens or miss the team prize.


@PGGalileo It really would make more sense for these to align :slight_smile:


I’ll agree here. The 180k is just a weird middle number

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As compared to other events and efforts to reach,
150k mark will be nice to make as final team achievement :grin:.


I’d add my name to this request but the powers that be might see it and decide to leave things as they are since its Hwrd.

What sigil prize? As far i know you get sigils also for 700k+ so whats the point here?

The point is, the 8/8 team achievement mark (180k) doesn’t contain sigils - unlike every other event.

So I strongly agree to the OP :grin:

Edit: I have to correct myself - Breeding is not the only event - it’s the same for Forti: there are sigils in the 720k mark and in the 2.4M mark - there’s no sigils in between while the 8/8 prize is 1M.


I second the motion. Please

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Yes, please, this would be great for breeding events going forward.

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Aye :eye:

waits for PG to align it with the 180k :joy::joy::joy:

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Wasn’t this breeding event fast? right after the other. I didn’t get as much eggs as I usually have saved up. I feel like they should have lowered the requirements for team prize. I had to eat through my 200 egg fragments just to hit team prize.

Four weeks between, same as it has been for ages. This is really not a hard thing to check :man_facepalming:

I would rather have that then leaving it as is.

That should be corrected as well

For lower tiers, the required egg tokens for dragons are discounted to 70% - 85% of the original cost. It is a reasonable suggestion that 8/8 team prize should be adjusted to a lower number in order to adopt the discounted cost.

@PGGalileo any response we could get for this?

Or maybe people better aim daily egg missions and become more active for their teams ?
180k totaly fair number for a atlas team ,if a person miss to hit 180k mean slacking or leacher idk …
Sorry for beign rude.
I have zero tolerate who’s not work for team … and droping goals push them become more lazzy :neutral_face:

Hi everyone, seeing this - I don’t mind passing this on, but the issue at hand is a little muddy for me. If you could break down your suggestions into this format:

  • X is the current situation
  • X is bad because it causes Y
  • In order to change Y, can we do Z

That’ll help me take it back to the team clearly!


180k there is no personal points … That’s my main concern …

Team prize in breeding is set at 180k points (X)

180k is not a mark with prizes as all other events have. In fact comparing the prizes range this goal sits even a bit higher on the line which makes it not appealling to reach aside from team achievement (Y)

As team quests normally sits on the 400 sigils mark can this be moved to the 150k mark where it is the said 400 sigils?

As a personal input, when I played on platinum 2 for almost a season length I have never reached the 180k mark, so it’s not that low.