Breeding event this Wednesday


Hey :wave:. Well breeding next event. What are you getting? How far can you go with this new event cadence?
I’ll be getting gorgunus- Ursa- icicle. Planning to Max the event. And you?



Nice! That’s a lot of tokens for those 3 :eyes: on the ice 4 path anyway… should be finishing ursa and hopefully icicle this time as well


Well adding some frags too tho. :joy:. Yes I know I grind a lot. I wont finish icicle. :disappointed:


Yersinu, whale and con

Debating to go for the next sigil payout past that or hold until next breed


Kyrule, gloom, start pyro.


Well that decision depends in how far you gonna be from that price. But at least I don’t spend one single token in a dragon I won’t need.


I love kyrule. Looks awesome. Those white wings are amazing. Not so good tho but fun to watch


I want feeding. Were my feeding :sob:


Hedran and Marianas :joy: with extra struggle to hatch them cause I am out of timers.


Feeding might be soon I guess. I hope so too. :man_shrugging:


Finishing Deci (kerbos) and starting Noctua.




Deci here, need me some builder eggs!


Oni and alt


I remember when I first got sekhem I was so excited about the sand spell and the fact that I was able to fly over a tower without being hit. Then hauheset was amazing but noctua I’m super excited about getting close to get him. Soon :pray:


Has an official announcement been made? I don’t see anything from PG.


Oni IMO is one of the most powerful dragons by far now. :+1:


Depending on luck of course ~48,000.
Wouldn’t be going outside path dragons for points.
I’m just playing with the order a little to get legendary a little earlier to ensure highest dragon upgrade cap increase for my level



That’s great :joy: