Breeding event this Wednesday


Shhh… don’t speak of progress or they’ll nerf the hell out of it :shushing_face:

Also, can you do my laundry, too?


I “grind” 6k a day. It isnt much, but enough for me to finish Renard, Kyrule, Gloomclaw and maybe Pyro if im lucky with the upcoming chest prizes (prizes around obsidian stone on Pathox)

Going from Icicle to Storm in one event is insane. Do you have the clocks to finish and incubate them all, right after fort?:open_mouth: ? What level are you @Tinsir?


I was also starting from about 0 tokens in the last event. (I couldn’t sleep for a few nights in the past two weeks.) I’m level 199 now; I only ever spend on elite subscriptions. Team is small; we’re just in P3, but I’m scrappy and get a decent number of tokens from Atlas, both from land and rider missions. (I can at least take partial credit for the land, because leader. :stuck_out_tongue: ) My organic token income without ruby-expediting missions has been ~150k-200k per month, just based on being very active.

Speedups: I’ll be fine; I’ve got about 3 years banked. (Entire progression gameplay from day 1 has been based around speedup economy; so, green construction research by player level 43, platinum by 164, Atlas rider bonus maxed within 2 weeks of getting Atlas access, max all non-crafting Atlas events. I’ll be set until the 300 wall, at which point I’ll be screwed like everyone else. ) I’m aware that spending 50k rubies on grinding missions may end up feeling like a questionable choice when I’m parked at level 300, but I’m generally in favor of frontloading progress. Also, that’s still a while off yet, and if the 300 wall is still standing by the time I get there, the continued survival of the game will be pretty dubious.


I’ll be breeding Ferrox, and then try to get my consurgens and Ferrox high enough to get Mune. Breeding is a drag in gold if you’re not overleveled, takes so long to gather all the XP needed. Been working on whale since last event and only just got him up to 12 (using all bonus everyday +18% exp from Atlas). Meanwhile my breeding event rewards are laughable and my breeding tokens keep stacking higher and higher.


I will be breeding Draco and frigg :joy: :joy:. Yes I know I am behind in my breeding. I’ll catch up. @Tinsir can you give me the secret? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Hahahaha


Breed Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Make Rizar breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store horrible Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Make Iteru breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store horrible Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Jul :eggtoken::eggtoken::eggtoken: 274/700 frags


Yersinu :heavy_check_mark:
Bander :heavy_check_mark:
Whale :heavy_check_mark:
Con :heavy_check_mark:
Ferrox :heavy_check_mark:
Lumen :heavy_check_mark:

lots of twitterpating today



Rizar is far from horrible


Let’s see, I got Slax and hit the 113k point prize threshold. Then I was curious how many more fragments I needed to finish Renard since I’ve wanted that dragon for ages. Turns out it was less than 50 frags so I picked him up too using Gloomclaw for efficiency. Not sure when I’ll get around to hatching Renard, but the pretty blue fox dragon is finally mine! Mwah hahaha (now I just need Noctua…)


Being an invincible gazer Renard plays a wonderful clean up role. He’s the only lineage drag in my roster (I’m on emeralds).


Renard is horrid. He’s shelved but Hau and Apophet are still on the roster. Differing playing styles. :woman_shrugging:


Apophet makes a terrible cleanup dragon, because the minion unsands/unvines towers before you get a chance to use umbral spike.


Ember is my cleanup. Hau and Apophet are for that one stinking flak protected by a red mage. :smiling_imp:


Renard is far from horrid. If you don’t have spindra or sylph and there are partially live islands, he’s a fantastic cleaner with a bit of rage runes.
Noc + renard has won many a war in my old team when obsidians were the top tier.


Different leagues. Different goals. Different needs. :woman_shrugging:

Wars aren’t a priority, being able to squish chubby bases by myself is more important. :innocent:


So far from the lineage dragos I’ve got, Apophet and Renard are the ones I’m enjoying the most. Renard is good, took me a little to learn how to use the spell set but is good.
I don’t have Her Majesty yet. Next breed :heart_eyes:

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I flow him only once haha
The rest was XP potions to make breedable. Maybe I have to use it more, but he doesn’t look very good.
Maybe the problem are the divines he’s competing with… you know, Axi, Fomhar.


I adore my Rizar. IMO he’s the best in Platinum tier. :t_rex:


I favored Rizar over Aster :smiley: . That was so long ago now :sweat_smile:

Got Rajin, debating if I want to grind to breedable to start into Sanguis and 500 sigls but :sleeping: