Breeding event this Wednesday


Yeah, that’s how I feel about this game lately too.
Got Anapa and she’s at level 8. Need to get her to 12 for Apophet. Horrible dragon, but I love her design. I made a fake spellset for her because I felt creative, maybe I’ll post it here for shits and giggles :crazy_face: :t_rex:


Anapa was really terrible, couldn’t get that thing out of my roster fast enough. I agree they did a nice job on the aestetic design though. I thought Ursa looked really nice too (the next Warrior you will hate).

Kyrule can hold it’s own after getting Seething Spark though.


Anapa has the tramp swish in his tail… i got the biggest chuckle out of that…


@PGMichael @PGJared @pgEcho @PGKharnyx @PGSqurl i cannot claim my event prizes, everytime i try it says "sorry for the interruption war dragons is trying to sync then restarts . Help please!!!


Claim 3 at a time and then wait 10 seconds and claim the next 3, wait 10s, etc. Yes it takes a while but beats having to redo speeding through all of them over and over again.


I remember for months my first team leader flew Snowdrop and Rizar and crushed everything in front of him. Now he’s off somewhere else…hope he still flies well


Its still not working.


Snowdrop crushed something? Since when


Must have been a poorly built base that was well below the attacking dragon’s tier…


A long time ago when Garnet dragons were still relevant. He took a prolonged break from the game after the season with Kinnarus and Zamrok.


Still need about 50k egg tokens for Jul :sob:


You can do it!!! Go grind your booty off!! :peach::grin::+1:t3::+1:t3:


If you’ve got the 250% compensation boost, it’ll be a breeze. I got 30k in one insomniac night earlier this week. :t_rex:


PG needs to make me a hellraptorbot to grind egg missions.


YES PLEASE! :grin: :t_rex:


I hatched Ferga and he’s to breedable now. Is he going to get any better? :thinking:


You wouldn’t be allowed to use it, @hellraptor. That wouldn’t be fair.



Is Ferga fallen so far already? You kids are getting these like 70-100 levels before I did (when they were new). And they are no good even that early?!



Is he better than Hau? :rofl:


Depends what you mean by better.

Hau is tower level agnostic. But she can’t solo more than tier+1, even with gear and at expert level.

Ferga was a great dragon at the time. At least, I thought so.