Breeding event this Wednesday


well he is good practice for hunter and galvanic overload is cool


Kinn stays in my roster cause she’s maxed and half the time I’m lazy about invader runs. She’s the closest I got to hitting a “raid” button and being done with it lol.


And Dodo is soooo adorable :heart_eyes:


I am more hunter addicted now days and emerald tier days are over long ago for me , however I have good memories with kinnarus


Oh, I am totally hunter addicted. My roster has 2 sorcerers (Kinn and Sylpehn) and one warrior (gloomclaw—still trying to get that guy higher since I hear he’s good for the temple raid event). Every other dragon is a hunter. Normally I don’t even keep warriors in the roster.


I would keep Destar , JOTUN AND ONI if I had them


I might too, lol. Even though I find warriors boring as all get out to fly :laughing:


I wouldnt keep CUAUHTLI though


Apo is the first lineage dragon I’ve enjoyed to fly after starting to get and use divines.
I’m fact I use him/her in live bases, not invader.


@PGJared @PGRocket @pgEcho who do i need to talk to about the event prizes glitch? I cant claim my prizes. Says sync error then closes the game. Im about to uninstall and be done. This is my second time reaching out.


Have you tried submitting ticket?


Breed Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Make Rizar breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store horrible Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Make Iteru breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store horrible Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Jul :heavy_check_mark: :grin:
Fixed breed sequence :heavy_check_mark:
Speed breed Jul? 22d :timerbronze: :thinking:


Aww, I keep using Rizar. If only because he was the first high tier dragon I saw used when I started playing.


what do you gain from burning the clocks?


I guess is not fair with Rizar that I’m flying (and comparing) with Fomhar and Axi. I’ll unbench him to fly some more, given some passionate opinions in the forum :blush:


Divine uncap, 2nd legendary


My personal opinion?
More power for the upcoming pvp event (im guessing)
Better score for same resources spent or same score for less resources spent? win in either situation imo

I’m in a similar situation just for gold, my 2nd legendary is stuck in the oven though until pvp starts and i can open these bronze chests. (I kind burned all my clocks last fort lol)


Do you actually use Sylphen? I found him to be terrible and perched him.


I do, both on main and on alt. Very excited for the chain interaction with dead red fix coming out.


I think the question of “is Dragon X good” is kind of hard to judge these days. Do these dragons even work outside of an invader base, KingApparatus, or MsMersy? I wouldn’t know… I haven’t tried.

So my dragon scorecard for this month:
Renard - Was able to solo invader somewhere around 8 or 9, I think. Wow, was that only Wednesday?
Kyrule - Lord of the Invader Base. Think I was able to run him through boosted at 2 or 3, worst case could clean up with my alt’s Airbean. At 5 he got easier, and at 9 he’s Kelvin-level easy.
Gloomclaw - Garbage. Not even hot garbage, ice cold straight up gutter trash. I FINALLY got him to be able to beat the invader on his last run. Felt awesome. Though he’s just terrible.

Side note - Ferga solo’d at 2 or 3 iirc, though I kept him boosted on attack.

I could have gotten Pyrochis hatched as well, but it wouldn’t have gotten me any extra sigils so I got him half done and called it a week.

Next month, should be Pyrochis/Stormheim/Deci… Have to admit I’m sorely tempted to grind out enough for Noctua as well.