Breeding event this Wednesday


Noctua is probably the only lineage dragon I’ve used on a war run/Atlas hit since Apophet. Rhyo is great on invader, soloed at lvl 1. Cant even hatch lokan or opes yet. Lots of research eggs in my future.


It still is a big step, but somehow Unlocking All Of Emerald Tier doesn’t feel like as big of an accomplishment as it did last Tuesday. Similarly, the 750 Sigil Extra Special bonus tier seems really cool until you think of it as “10% of the value of uninstalling.” That feeling grows as I scroll up and see some friends who aren’t with us any more. :cry: Gonna go pour out some sapphire egg yolks. (They’re the WD equivalent of a forty, ok?)


Good for you. Making rich this guys :joy: :man_facepalming:t2:.


Breed Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Make Rizar breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store Rizar :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Make Iteru breedable :heavy_check_mark:
Store Iteru :heavy_check_mark:
Breed Jul :heavy_check_mark: :grin:
Fixed breed sequence :heavy_check_mark:
Jul Breedable :heavy_check_mark:

Now wait patiently until next breeding…


Did you track how many tokens and fragments you used for these 3 breeds in the light of discounts?
That’s exactly the plan for next breeding…


Not very complicated… Take anything with Sapphire/garnet parents muliply by .7 and poof it costs that much.


Rizar: 44k, Iteru 87k, Jul 100k, total 232k. I had to grind to get all the tokens necessary, started the event with enough to breed Rizar and Iteru only, the 100k of Jul I grinded during the event (all of it).
Anyway, Red’s Path have all the necessary information, including the discounted token costs. Follow it!
I’m 50% of what I need for Hau (20k) and Gorgonus (87k), but if I grind the hell out at the season end I may get enough to breed also Ursa (100k).

By the way, I like Jul, the red spell Southern Cross is a (costly) beast


Thanks for details :+1:t3: It’s easier to target that way :slight_smile:

I foresee myself grinding like that too x) I’m halfway into these numbers now too.
I actually was almost in same situation last breed, I’m on the Icicle4 path but playing with order a bit to get what I need earlier, and last time I had all for both Chompa and Apophet but after I got them I decided to get Renard too and scrape all his tokens in that week.

It’s just I’ve seen both Dragon manager tables and Reds and they are different although both stated as already discounted so that got me confused. Leaning towards reds anyway :slight_smile: DM has too optimistic numbers :smile:

Oh yeah my Equestor catches that spell a lot, so I’m having fun with it a lot :smiley:


Not if you use it right. More like free :rofl:



My attempt would be:

Breed Hauheset (enough tokens) :black_square_button:
Make Hau breedable (fast - sorry) :black_square_button:
Breed Gorgonus (enough tokens) :black_square_button:
Make Gorgonus breedable :black_square_button:
Breed Ursa (enough tokens) :black_square_button:
Make Ursa breedable :black_square_button:
Breed Icicle (not enough tokens, but should be during event) :black_square_button:

Edit: fixed :slight_smile:


Nice, but use check marks please? Looks like your hopes and dreams are being vetoed :cry:

Rajin and most of sanguis for me.


Unfortunately I can’t follow the “Unofficial Guide to Master Hauheset” at low level to learn to fly
I’ll need to learn to fly Her Majesty at breedable level…


I’m getting apophet. :heart_eyes:


I’m getting the 20 green research eggs and 60 gold research eggs (I’m pretty sure that’s the right amount…) that I will need in order to unlock the ability to get the Platinum Construction reduction research. After that I will be getting Hedran :eyes:


Part of Mehaten :eyes:
Bye bye timers :sob:


I’m looking for combos to jump through platinum quickly without taking too much time and getting Kelvin and Vulcan to then jump to sapphire which is where I’m supposed to be right now.

As for on my alt, I’ve only got two dragons in orange and I’m already getting Amarok really quickly


I’m breeding Opes. Still can’t hatch Opes or Lokan, but they’ll be waiting…might do so research eggs too, depending on where I am with points. Think this is the first breeding event ever I’m going in with more egg tokens than I know what to do with :man_shrugging:

Edit - for clarity’s sake, NO there is not an abundance of egg tokens. I’m just at that awkward stage where I’m not high enough level to hatch the dragons I’m breeding…


Maybe go back and pokémon the old tiers? :sweat_smile:


No way, I did that the first time through…ain’t doing that, again…


Guess I’ll breed nothing again.