Breeding event this Wednesday


Is whale still worth using mythic frags on


Breed Lokan + 80k sigils to get 4 more Obsidian eggs.

Then next fort = level 60s baby! 5 60s at 279…can’t wait to see how lower level Vanguards fly my base then…


I’m hurt you’d ask


:frowning: ok that means yes haha


I have nothing to breed or research this event :cry:. Needed a new tier. I was hoping that the new tier mythic would come out at same time spell scaling was fixed. So I was hoping for new tier legendaries this breeding event. Have to now wait for next breeding event.


Oni and Iztani with enough left over to get the first couple dragons of the next tier whenever it comes out(next breeding prolly)


Maybe we can convince PG to move your tokens and mystic eggs over to me. I can use them!:rofl:


What i heard was that only saph + parents got this discount, early saph was meaning those first 1 mabe up to 3 that are before you have both saph parents and get discount


Sekhem and Anapa went from 125k to 87.5k, for example. Even plats were discounted. Credit to Red for these paths :slight_smile:

Edit: Please forgive the formatting. It’s giving even me a headache. Top image is before, bottom image is after. Notice the ever worthless icicle still costs a couple weeks of grinding.


Breeding paths are for suckers. just get Hau then do it pokemon style!


I’m planning on getting to Hau by the next or second breeding(after this week’s). I’ve already got my platinum dragons that’s i need ready to be bred(Cerbero and Nosfer) and I only need to get five dragons and then it is hello Sapphire!


Technically I own every breedable lineage dragon (except Ocre… I refused to spend egg tokens on him) up through garnet tier so I am sort of following the Pokémon route, even though I’m on a breeding path that I am sticking to carefully. I may end up getting everyone in emerald tier as backbreeds from obsidian if I run out of things to breed before I hit lvl 300 and can hatch the next tier up :laughing:


I have everyone through Emerald. And 6/9 obsidian so far.
They are all expert too :see_no_evil:


Mine aren’t :laughing: Though I would be waaaay more willing to expert all of them if PG got rid of heal times :eyes: I don’t want to keep crap dragons in my roster that can’t even handle my invader if it means having to wait 30 minutes or use a precious heal pot to remove them from the line up after they get an xp run done…


My alt breeds anapa this event :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


My condolences.


Sorry to hear that. :cry:


Luckily it’s only 121 so hopefully it’s low enough to run my invader


I did that before, just so I could get into the next tier faster to release locks on devines. I don’t recommend doing that, it will make it more difficult to get excess eggs for leveling the building hut. Not doing that this time around, I’m following Red’s paths for the strongest drags, so Icicle 1 currently.


Same here.:sob: