Breeding event this Wednesday


Don’t think anapa can run my alt base at 102. :joy:


Anyone know what the point requirement is for the Mythic Glyph in Breeding? WDG only lists the requirement for Fort


Anapa is sick didn’t you know? @Tinsir


Most expert flyers believe he is actually dope.


Nutz! :metal:


My main 242 and obsidians this event.
Alt 108 and has sekham already dreading anapa


I actually honestly have no idea. This events points requirement should be 20x the points of the previous tabs, but i’m not sure i’ve ever maxed an event to find out the mythic


Right? :joy: maxing the event cost like 600k tokens, right?


Well. I’m expecting over 650k event points this time so i may at least see what the final prize is lol


I’ll be hitting sapphire at a run on Icicle 1, so Sekhem (500 frags) + Anapa (87.5k) + Scorchil (87.5k)

Should get me to the 500 sigil prize, which is great during this discount period :blush:

(Also, I’ll get Hau the breed after! And Apo the breed after next! :stuck_out_tongue: Excited!)

@KrampusxIceNyx Red’s best is probably the most efficient way to get past plat, but, you could do a staggered breed and rush out a sapphire legendary during your current breeding, for sapphire evo, if you want.


651k :upside_down_face:


Awesome !! I love Ted’s guide… it’s the best!!
Hauset is my favorite… even if it costs 5k potions to learn to fly her

Edit… most deff mean RED!! Idk who Ted is… maybe he has a guide though


This is accurate.


Ted’s got an evil breeding guide that gets you to the next tier the FASTEST!

Let’s see…You breed Mehaten, for Avalanche, for Stormheim, for Icicle. AMAZING. I’m a convert!





Seriously though that’s quite impressive. Im only at 400k and Im deciding if I want to blow them all or save some. I wont be lv 300 before I start breeding Harbs



:exploding_head: :dizzy_face:

Who is Ted?


Red’s evil cousin. Me. Ahem.


Obliterkated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I’m doing it for sapphire evolution and to catch on breeding for my level. Currently have about 63.7k tokens and 32 fragments