Breeding event this Wednesday


No, uh. It was changed last event. Purely cosmetic. Same amount of tokens gets you the same rewards.

Edit: don’t delete your post, dude. To clarify…what Mech’s saying about the point requirements being 20x what they were won’t hurt lower levels. At all.


You probably won’t make it; one sapphire legendary is 87.5k tokens. Kelvin and Vulcan will cost you 44.8k tokens, same for the previous pair of legendaries.

Better get crackin’ grinding tokens :wink:


So I’m guessing that’s i won’t get a sapphire legendary this event unless I either:

  1. Grind very hard
  2. Get tons of egg fragments and tokens from Gunnar’s branch and chests.

Or I could just get a sapphire legendary during the next breeding event(the breeding event that’s after this week’s).


Yep. How far along are you in your plat legendary breeding, actually? And what level are you? Sapphire evo’s at 137, so if you’re not that big yet, all is not lost enough to stop forting :wink:


Icicle and Ferga for me. Have enough for Renard as well, but not enough for Kryule so I’m going to wait so i can get a good amount in the next event, we will see though!


I’m about to hit level 130 and I need to breed Cerbero and Nosfer before I can start breeding platinum legendaries


Better be fast…

Cerbero, Nosfer (insta-hatch)
Kelvin, Vulcan (asap)

137 is the limit…


Might I suggest getting Kyrule instead if you can? Mehaten for the perch OP


I have drakius for my perch rn, but I will replace it with Mehaten once I get him. I will get him in the next breeding event so I can wait.


The path that I’m following gets me Kelvin, Vulcan, and Necura pretty quickly


@KrampusxIceNyx You should probably slow down next fort a bit and hit 137. This event, do Cerb + Nosfer, get them breedable asap, then Vulcan + Kelvin. Necura’s negligible.

Save up and do your two sapphire legendaries next event for 175k. Sekhem + Anapa? Anyway, that’s when you’ll unlock sapphire evo on your divines.

No need to push breeding too much if it’ll be a pain, but matching divine evo levels to breeding requirements should be wise.

Do keep in mind that Garnet evolution is at 158, though. Could slow down fort even more and only hit 137 the event after Sek + Anapa if that’d be a concern.


I’m crazy…
I plan to breed all of platinum this event
Yes… that means I plan to do 390 xp runs in 5 days (this counts the multipliers for all 5 days lol)… don’t judge


Ah, okay. Got it. BTW, is there like a shortcut to get to Hauhset quickly?


Icicle 1. I’ve arranged a few paths, but they all assume you have the resources to get past them or the tenacity to grind past them. 200k tokens an event or more.

Hau fast is expensive.

Icicle 4’s actually slightly less flexible, but it gets you Apo fast for hut eggs. Conventional wisdom is to go for Apo first in most cases for a more enjoyable gaming experience and token savings :wink:


What level are you? XP runs are a horrible thing in the low 100s ;-;


108 all XP researches are researched
+21% xp gains in atlas


Ooh, that’s a tad bit painful :0 Apart from the fact that you have gold xp research done. Huh. That’s helpful.

I hit 115 just for the XP in case I wanted to do what you did. But I ended up slowing down my plat breeding to go for gold research eggs for plat construction research with two breeds instead, and to save tokens for the sapphire + garnet wall. It’s probably easier if you want to clear sapphire in bigger leaps, if you need to save tokens, imo. Less xp grinding if you cram sapphire together instead of plat as well.

Anyway, good luck. Don’t let your fingers die :wink:


Yea I was considering stopping part way through plat then doing the last 2 plat legendary + 3 sapphires the following breed…but to hell with it lol


:laughing: I feel like you’re a token tycoon, too. Also you seem to not hate XP grinding. How many levels do you plan to jump in your next fort, anyway?


Icicle 1 gets Hau faster. However, training Quetz at that level of Invader is (fill yourself).

Still, you need 3 Sapphire to get Hau (Sekhem, Scorchil, Iteru)